Now and then it’s good to pause in the pursuit of happiness and just be happy

I want to start logging my gratitude of normal every day occurrences –  I read somewhere that the happiness tracking of all the little things in life is good for the soul and it’s these little gems in our every day lives that we forget and upon reflection can bring us so much comfort.

I know the immense benefits of happiness journaling.  When I went through a bad patch some 18 months ago I kept a journal of 3 things every day that made me happy  and although I’ve never looked back through it (once I started writing it wasn’t happiness I spoke much about) the book sits on my shelf and is a reminder of what the dark days taught me.
11390232_880236098709535_5933165512495489583_n.jpgI am mentally and physically in a better place now, happy with my life choices and chugging along in my adult life rather comfortably I thought recording my gratitude would help to cement me into a strong, more confident and more accepting place. It was this gratitude journaling that introduced me to the world of Bullet Journaling and I have genuinely never looked back.

This kind of journaling is a private kind, therefore i have dedicated a separate notebook for it which will live on my bedside table as a reminder to complete every night. My bullet journal comes everywhere with me and I can’t always ensure whats in it is private.
I suppose you could say its a little bit like being a kid with a secret diary, something I never did but sincerely wish I had done. So today marks the start of this new appreciation for the little happinesses in every day life and if I’m honest I’m a little excited!
If you find yourself at a lost spotting out the everyday happinesses that occurs in your life just google Happiness is… and you will find a whole raft of happy!


4 thoughts on “Now and then it’s good to pause in the pursuit of happiness and just be happy

      1. Have a look at what I did on my blog under 100 Happy Days. I also used the hashtag #100HappyDaysOfCharBar on Instagram so I’d have something to look back on there too! I posted to Insta every day but blogged every 5 days or so. I can start whenever you like!!! X

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