Least we forget…

I got asked once by a very narrow minded misogynistic fellow – Is Remembrance Day that important to young people these days?

Short answer –IMG_8631

Hell yes!

Long answer –

As you may or indeed may not be aware yesterday in the UK was Remembrance Sunday, the Sunday before the 11th day of the 11th month, Remembrance Day. The day that the country falls silent at the 11th hour to remember and appreciate all of the service men and women who have fought for the freedom of the UK in wars and conflicts around the world. Remembrance day has evolved over the years to include every conflict, a chance to remember those who lost their lives in service, the families who have lost loved one, those who have come back leaving a part of them in battle and those currently out in the field who don’t know if they will have a ‘tomorrow’ – EVERYONE. So is Remembrance still important – yes it is.

In an attempt to play devils advocate here I think the question was pointing to the concept of Remembrance of the First and Second World Wars in the fact that these generations are fading away now, a war that ended 100 years ago has very few survivors today. We are looking at second and third generations of families left behind, many of which may not have had a direct connection therefore reducing the number of those ‘bothered’ but that’s where the narrow mindedness of the argument comes in. You don’t have to know someone to remember and acknowledge that without his or her effort our lives would be completely different. You don’t have to bow your heard at the cenotaph for a specific individual and the fight still goes on. I know people who are enlisted in the army and have done tours in Afghanistan, loosing comrades. It’s amazing how someone I don’t even know very well anymore can still be constantly in my mind when he’s away. Friends whose family is on a knife edge everyday that their brother, sister, father, uncle are way praying for their safe return. All of a sudden those we are remembering aren’t those who fought in 1915, they are those fighting in 2015. We will never forget to remember what these people have been and are prepared to do.

Remembrance is important and we should remember everyone not just those who we know the names of but those we don’t for it is in their memory and their sacrifice that we have our today.

The wonderful poppies at the Cenotaph on 11th November 2015

I spent Remembrance Sunday at my village’s service; King Willem was invited to the UK service on Sunday to honor the British effort in the liberation of the Netherlands. It was so humbling to see the Dutch King stand should to shoulder with the English Queen to remember the historical connection of the two countries and all those people who made the liberation of the Dutch happen and the freedom appointed to those in the UK and around the world. I will be in London on the 11th and will most definitely call by to see the wreaths at the Cenotaph in the on Whitehall.

Dank u wel Koning Willem voor uw visit. Het was mooi te zien hoe ieder jaar de Engelsen hun veteranen eren en dit jaar nederlands ook.



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