Staying off the booze is the key to staying slim: according to Dutch research

I’ve got myself into a little habit of one, pointing out the amazing scientific revelations of Dutch research and two, discussing alcohol. I am rather hoping that the impression these posts give to my readers isn’t a bad one nor does it lead anyone to believe me to have a ‘problem’.

Recently I spoke about how the ground-breaking discovery of avoiding a hangover was to not drink in the first place. Today I am going to be discussing the new discovery of the negative affects alcohol – the effect it has on ones waistline.

The Dutch have bene looking into updating their Gezondheid – recommendations of a healthy lifestyle moving on from the ‘schijf van vijf’. A point I’d like to make here is that women where advised to eat 6 slices of bread and drink half a litre of milk
EVERYDAY – eating habits that my current fad diet would cringe at the thought of! The new revelation is that by avoiding alcohol completely (or limiting to one glass a day!) is the key to maintain a trim waistline

giphySome of their other tips include eating more veg, eating at least 90grams of bread (what! No carbs before marbs has gone right out of the window), take fewer servings of dairy (hello these are the worlds biggest Cheese lovers!), drink 3 cups of tea (amen to that!) less sugar, less salt (yada yada yada) and replace unfiltered coffee by filtered (why are now dictating our coffee?!)

There are many hidden calories in alcohol and personally I am aware of this when
on a night out, that’s what you get for constantly being on a diet, it takes the fun out of a night on the tiles if I’m honest. You can eat the healthiest thing on the menu but if you take it with a bottle of wine you might as well have just gone straight in for the Chocolate Fudge Cake and quite frankly enjoyed it more! Men of a certain age in the UK with a little issue of a protruding tummy refer to this as a ‘beer belly’ or ‘bierbuik‘ and this is very much based on fact. Hidden sugars in wine, barley and wheat in ale all put alcohol on the red scale of items to enjoy only in moderation.

It is predicted that by 2030, the Dutch obesity rate will be just 8.5 percent, while in Ireland, it will be 50 percent.

How the Dutch have come to their new diet plan is somewhat interesting to me. The creator of Heineken, expert blenders of whiskeys and spirits (alongside tea and coffee too) they are masters of the craft when it comes to alcohol so why, if anyone could tell me, do they serve beer in tiny glasses? Perhaps it’s the drinking at home that is to blame here. I have spoken many times about the attractive lifestyle of the Dutch and the high value they put on being in the family home rather than down the pub. It is perhaps this attitude that makes alcohol such a problem for the Dutch. I struggle to cycle in a straight line in general, seeing a Dutch man cycles home after a few half pints is bloody impressive. The drink may flow a little easier in the comfort of your own living room and without consciously walking to the bar or ordering from a waiter we are not aware of the sheer volume in which we drink.  For the Dutch they are already the skinniest country in the EU with the rest of EU expected to be classed as obese by 2030. Maybe my new fad diet needs to be a Dutch diet!

So there we have it from the Dutch, another life tip – limit your alcohol to stay slim. We’ll add that to the ever growing list including; avoiding a hangover by staying sober and the need for prisoners to have vitamins.


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