To those we hold close on this all saints day

All Saints Day – The Day of The Dead –  All Hallows – Day of All the Saints – Solemnity of All Saints – Feast of All Saints – Hallowmas

Basically it’s the name for the day after halloween, a day to honour and remember those who are not here anymore. I went out to a dinner last night at a very fancy hotel where the Veuve Clicquot flowed like water and the food was gout inducing. It was wonderful. A bit like a wedding there was awkward speeches and a lot of waffle including one guy who went on about Dragon Ball Z for 10 minutes, a reference lost on the 180 people in the room but the point he finished on was one fit for this day and I thought I would share it with you. The toast “to those we hold close“.

The older we get the more people we have to say goodbye to. I’ve got a pretty big anniversary coming up in December of someone I held very close to me and it was this toast last night that just reminded me the power of appreciation. We must live in the moment, love those who love us and tell each other what we feel for we never know when it will be our last encounter. The people we hold close need to be thanked more often because we don’t know the true benefit of them until they aren’t there. So on this All Hallows Day I want to share a toast with you all and remind you to appreciate those you hold close for it is these people who hold us up, support our mad ideas, fuel our fires and passions in life and give us the strength to face each day with fresh determination and confidence.

To Those We Hold Close…



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