A Barbie girl in a less than plastic world?

I wrote an article recently for a new online magazine about the definition of women and how advertising can and does shape the way we perceive things. It was an article I felt particularly empowered to write and came during one of those mad rants I usually get when I least expect it. Once the magazine goes live I will link it for you ๐Ÿ™‚

It seems that advertising is at it once more. Only this time its Barbie instead of a tampon advert (you’ll understand when you’ve read my other post). Don’t get me started on the proposed ‘Tampon Tax’ by the EU. That is most definitely NOT a luxury product! Anyway I’m off topic.

Have you see the new Barbie advert? Watch it, and lets disucss.

Imagine The Possibilities

Firstly how cool is it?! I think its great! There has been a number of responses to this advert so, as ever, I thought I would throw my two pence in too. I think its brilliant. Nowadays we force children to grow up faster than they should. My mom is a Nursery Nurse and she has to teach children to write stuff and count from the age of 3 if not younger. These guys have only just got the hang of being able to ask for the bathroom, they don’t really care much for sums. What this advert does it shows how we should be able to experiment with life before we get to the stage of having to make the decision. We should let kids dream about what they want to be when they grow up and if everyday its something new then even better. Opportunity is key, – it seems to be my catchphrase of late. Everyone should have the opportunity.

My kind of Barbie! Still looking fierce!
My kind of Barbie! Still looking fierce!

What Barbie are doing now (if you look past the crazy body shape ratio – like seriously they are STILL using the same mould to make these dolls?!) is providing Barbie dolls in different professional careers. No longer is she in a Hawaiian hula skirt on VaCay with Ken, or a crazy

Check out that tiny waste and thigh gap! I thought we where over all that now!
Check out that tiny waste and thigh gap! I thought we where over all that now!.ย 

shopper with tule synthetic dresses, she is a teacher, a scientist, a more realistic girl doll. ย High 5 to Barbie! You go get em girl! ย There is an optician, a doctor, a zoo keeper, a teacher, a chief, a film director and an entrepreneur doll (these come in ‘standard Barbie’ aka white and blonde, hispanic, asian and african). You can view the Barbie career dolls (if you want to) here.

I wonder when they’ll do a Ken doll that likes shopping or ‘Dr Ken’? Boys want these too! Check out this 1997 Paediatrician Dr Ken Doll!

You’re doing good Matel. You should be pleased with your progress!


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