The New and Improved “My Netherlands’..?


With the clocks going back last weekend I can quite honestly say I’ve felt a difference. My mindset feels different. I think that comes with feeling content with the way things are going at the moment. As we push on towards the end of the year I can’t help but want to look back across 2015 and start lining up my resolutions for 2016. As I’ve mentioned before I have to be careful with what I set myself as I usually complete them!

I’m thinking of updating my blog for the new year. Ashamedly my Dutch lessons really are a thing of the past and swirling around in my head I’m toying with the idea of designing my own language refresher course but I just don’t know when i’ll be picking it up this side of the new year. My blog started out as being the conduit for my lessons and my opinion on many topics surrounding The Netherlands but I can’t help but realise that there’s more to me. Hell i’m one opinionated woman! Hence the need for a revamp.

I love The Netherlands, I would be there in a heartbeat given half the chance but the reality is I’m a working woman in England who gets her Dutch second hand. So as much a I love the Dutch I’m going to be throwing in a bit more ‘normal’ stuff in the mix too. I want us to use this space to natter about real life things and normal topics. Of course my ear is firmly against the Orange Ground so all bases will be covered. I just need something for the ‘no news days’ plus I like talking to you lot!

Stick with me yes?


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