Never Give Up The Fight – Suffragettes: The Movie.

It has been a while since something has really got my goat. suffragette-2014Nothing too controversial happening at the moment. I went to see the Suffragette movie last night. I have been looking forward to seeing this movie since the trailer first came out which feels like forever ago. I wanted to share my views on the movie and the arguments is now throws up.

suffragette-2015-movie-posterThe movie lived up to my every hope and then some but not it the way I originally thought it would. I was expecting to ride out of the cinema on a high, ride the wave of female empowerment and I did but at the same time over hearing the conversations of other people it became clear to me that without the movie people don’t know the story. They went into the movie blind and come out
having only scratched the surface of our history. There is so much we take for granted. At the end of the movie there is a time line of when each country granted women the vote. It’s pretty shocking to see the different countries and how long it took for them to finally see sense. It ends with ‘2015 – Saudi Arabia – Women promised the vote’. And that’s just it, its 2015 and Saudi have only ‘promised’ and not delivered.

You see the thing that gets me is that we are all the same. Human. Homosapiens. Humaniods. Different variations but the same. A bit like a shitzu and a greyhound. They are both still dogs one can run a bit faster than the other but we don’t think of them as being anything other than dogs. A man and a woman are both human. They have got a few different bits but the biology is pretty much the same, you cut the skin there is blood, inside the chest is a heart and lungs. We are not different species but a variant of the same.

I have never heard a valid or even understandable viewpoint against womens rights. Every decision should be based on the individual regardless to their reproductive organs. In the movie (spoiler alert) Maud’s husband cant cope with their son George. He says something like “I can’t do everything, I cant cook and clean, look after him, dress him and go to work. I can’t do everything”, or something along those lines. His justification for (spoiler alert) getting rid of his son is that he can’t juggle everything in Maud’s absence. Yet he was expecting Maud to. She was expected to work, doing an arguably tougher job than Mr Watts, go home and start a different type of work again by looking after the family with the cleaning, the cooking and the childcare only to go to bed and get up to the exact same thing again. She worked part time from 7, full time from 12 and at 24 she had a family of her own to juggle too. If that wasn’t a lesson to her husband then it really was made clear of how little respect the men had for the women in the 1900’s.

Women didn’t have any rights over their children until 1920 and although certain women over 30 had the vote in 1918 it took a further 10 years for the UK government to give rights to all women but on what grounds?

Was it fear of women doing a better job? Was it a lack of understanding of what a woman is capable of? Surely any workingwoman who has a family life to look after too is a pretty hard worker and a bloody good multi-tasker. I’d damn sure I’d trust her. Women are too emotional – no, women understand that everything has consequences and everything has emotion tied to it, understanding that is the first step to helping solve a problem. Women aren’t strong enough – Some are and for those who aren’t they know how to work in a team to move any mountain.

The world has a lot to learn from women, if anything its what we can be grateful for from a history of exclusion and segregation faced by women, these struggles make women by far the most qualified of individuals.

The Suffragette movie is brilliant, thought provoking and shows the ground braking change of events for women in the UK but the turning point came at the loss of a life. Emily Davidson. In order for change to happen life should not be lost. I hope this movie continues to do well in the Box Office. I can’t wait to watch it again. I hope that everyone who goes to see the movie talk about it, understand how far we have come but how far we have left to go. I want people to do more research, I want women to use their right to vote when they get the chance to do so. Be the change you want to see and most of all know that the strength and determination of The Suffragettes was unwavering. Every black person should have the same opportunities as every white, every old person should be offered the same opportunities as every young and every woman should have the same opportunities as every man.


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