Holiday Neccesitiess

So I survived my two weeks in spain amongst the tropical storms that flooded half of the Costa Blanca and the scorchio heat that followed. I thought I’d share my holiday necessities seen as I got such an over whelming response from my travel articles so far. This post will be split into 4; Hair Care, Skin Care, Make Up, Books. Now its not usually my style to write about these things but I love reading them so here goes…


Hair Care

Traveling light we brought a lot of toiletries when we arrived from the supermarket. I picked up Timotei Pure for Greasy Hair  0% Parabens, 0% Silicones, 0% Colourants its so kind to your hair and smells devine. Accidentally, the ‘duo pack’ I picked up turned out to be two shampoos rather than a shampoo and conditioner – why would they do that? Who buys two shampoos?

Another little haircare gem I found whilst in Lidl of all places. I sauntered down the beauty isle and stumbled across what my be the best discovery I’ve ever made. Leave in spray Conditioner. This one, granted it was in Spanish so I look a bit of a gamble with it, is a sea silk spray conditioner or at lest thats what I believe it to be. I used it as a post-pool, post-shower, morning refresh kind of every day spray. Not only has it stopped my hair from drying out and being attacked from the humidity its enhanced my natural curls allowing me to take full advantage of the spanish air to dry my hair heat free.

Skin Care

I tan rather goldenly,  at least thats what I like to think, but I am still a massive believer in SPF, anyone who doesn’t use it is a fool. Not only does it make you feel great, it protects and prolongs your tan. I’ve used an anti-wrinkle factor 50 on my face, I wear this at home on sunny days too underneath my make up. Garnier Ambre Solarie SPF 20 and the Ambre Solaire Sensitive Enhance Aftersun with Cold Cream. I’ve used better aftersuns, I prefer the spray aftersun more than the cream.

Mosquito repellent. If there are mosquitos I WILL get bitten. I’ve been caught out about 10/12 times on this trip and thats with Jungle Formula MAXIMUM protection. I always react bad to bites, I got caught out on my first night and ankle swelled up rather nastily so my super strength antihistamines came in useful for that too. Jungle Formula comes in 5 different levels of protection strength. I need Level 5, nothing less will do. I’ve perfected my application of repellent now which leaves a nice healthy sheen across the skin but the cheeky little spanish mossys still managed to bite the bottom of my foot which is quite possibly the only part of my body not insect-proofed. Also the amount of this stuff I have inhaled is ridiculous, it should be seeping out of my pores after 2 weeks! One tin has lasted me the whole trip and I think thats very impressive considering the amount I put on!

Extra tip/Warning: Strong repellent like this will take your nail polish off!

Make Up

I’m gonna admit now I love reading articles on ‘whats in my holiday make up bag’ its great viewing and I am always full of intentions to put make up on whilst on holiday but I never really do. My aim for any holiday is to get a natural look on my face which doesn’t require foundation or faffing with. Instead I adapt a similar approach to at home, big glasses and bright lipstick. This trip was made colourful by my three new favourites:

  • Mac’s Lady Danger – Super stay and ice-cream eating proof. Its a gorgeous matte colour that literally lasts me all day.
  • Clinique Lip-Pop – a lipstick and primer which gives 8 hours of colour and moisturises lips. I’ve wanted to try these for a while now and when duty-free in the UK had sold out of the two colours I wanted I was gutted. Whilst shopping in Valencia I went into Perfumeria Prieto a who stocked every colour and came in around £4 cheaper than the UK. How could I refuse such a bargain!
    •  Poppy-Pop – is a gorgeous coral colour, perfect everyday kind of look, not offensive, not too bright and keeps your teeth looking white, sometimes coal one can give you that awful yellow tint!
    • Berry-Pop – a more autumnal purple looking one. This is more of a nighttime colour and definitely my everyday choice for the change of seasons at home. Its a rich colour which literally makes your smile just ‘pop’. I love it and even when the sheen wears off the colour lasts on you lips giving you that defined mouth look all day.

Holiday Reads

I took a gamble and ordered 3 new books before I went away sadly only 2 arrived in time. On the cards for my trip was:

Parade’s End by Ford Maddox Ford – Hard going and did actually send me to sleep once whilst reading. I never did get round to finishing it. Its an epic story about the Great War and one that requires attention to fully appreciate its magnificence.

Killing Floor by Lee Child – I had a free sample of the first chapter a few weeks back and took a liking to Jack Reacher so I took a gamble and ordered it for my trip. The book is pretty dark in places and involves a terrible incident of a woman being forced to eat a mans testicles. Ew! You can’t help but love the way the story gets you so involved and engrossed. Its the first book of Child’s I’ve read so it was a bit of a gamble but I’m desperate to read more!

James Patterson’s Private India – I love Patterson’s work. They are so easy to read. Like so easy. Short chapters, good characters, interesting story. I did find this one a little predictable though and had worked out the killer 1/3 of the way in. It didn’t stop me reading it and I finished it in just 2 days!



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