Zon, Zee en Cultuur: Moraira

If you’ve been following my posts on instagram lately you will see that I’ve taken a long overdue family holiday and thought it only fair to drop in a cheeky little review of Moraira in the Costa Blanca, a small, upmarket Spanish coastal town, part of Teulada which offered to me a mixture of Spanish weather and lifestyle, Dutch locals and the chance to reconnect with my family. I wanted to share my holiday highlights with you as I feel my trip was just as much Dutch as it was Spanish. This was the first ‘dutch-influenced’ holiday my parents had ever taken, I’m easing them in to a trip to my Heart-Country next year (they just don’t know it yet).

Our arrival was pretty straight forward really. After a slight argument with Rent-A-Car man and a parking garage ticket that didn’t work we made our way to our new home. I was left incharge of navigation sans SatNav which was never going to end well and culminated in my having the paper map UPSIDE DOWN, yes it is true people still do use paper maps and idiots like me genuinely make the mistake of holding them the wrong way. Half an hour later after going up and down the same road for a third time we got to the motorway and away we went.

IMG_1298The villa we stayed in is Dutch-owned. I took a mini-break back in November 2014 so I knew what to expect and just how gorgeous it was. We had access to Dutch TV, Dutch magazines, Dutch design etc. This took Papa Smith a while to get into the Dutch but after 6 days he was a professional at some of the technical lingo on the TV, he had perfected his pronunciation of ‘slecht of geen signaal’ too as that was the response he got on the English channels. There have been a few instances where he’s got carried away with the Dutch accent a ventured into more of a Russian drone but he’s working on it every day ;).

Whilst on the subject of language we of course had to go into EVERY supermarket. The Aldi and Lidl like in the UK and then Mercadona and Masymas. Pepe De Sal was our local and stocked a wide range of european foods from every country and the best Pork in Spain! Explaining the etymology of kale aka borenkool (Farmers Cabbage) proved to have comedic value as was the idea of a ‘Dutch Buffet’ being to the Dutch what a Sunday dinner is to us Brits.

One supermarket I have to bring your attention to is Super Content. A Dutch supermarket. All Dutch foods, Dutch staff, produce, everything. I was of course in my element and more or less followed another woman around the store taking SAM_1800
random photographs. Translating some of the items was so fun and really did bring back some of the language to me, especially when checking out and using some of my conversational Dutch. Winning! I posted a cheeky little IG to Jumbo and only got a tweet back! Get in!

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 08.55.59
In true tourist style we roamed around the country as if we owned it, making up our own road layouts, going up streets the wrong way, driving round the same block 4 times and not to mention driving on completely the wrong side of the road. I accidentally took my parents to a Bull Fight, not to mothers appreciation and we trekked up a mountain whilst the coast line enjoyed a monsoon bringing down land and rubble from the clifsides. Every town we visited we went to the Church, 2015-09-11 23.13.47had coffee in the square and generally worked our daily life to the pattern set out by the Spanish. Not only did we get to practice our Dutch on this trip we practiced our Spanish too! We watched the Fiesta Finale fireworks display too which was just magnificent. A 30 minute pyrotechnic show off flotations in the sea. Its was stunning.

Things I love about the Spanish: outdoor living, cheap wine, sleeping in the day, spanish men (my oh my they are just beautiful, the police men, the life guards even the priest I saw was super hot!), Spanish food (although eating some form of Pastry based snack every day is not good for the waistline!) I could go on but I’m just giving myself holiday blues.

We had a really great trip all in all. We lost about 5 days out of 14 to the weather but if you let the rain stop you you’d never do anything in the UK so we just brought umbrellas and got on with it.


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