Dutch Vogue and Other Magazines

I don’t get the chance to see many Dutch magazines. It’s a luxury for me to come across one. The last one I read was an inflight Transavia magazine which I took from an airoplane last year (naughty me!).

Now we all know my Dutch isn’t the best, the fact that i haven’t spoken to another person in dutch since March suggests that my Dutch now is probably worse than ever before however the rules of the language have not failed me and with perseverance, logic and blagging I can understand the rough idea of written text. Thankfully the magazines I’ve got are rather kind in the language they use.



I don’t think anyone ‘reads’ vogue on the first flick through. I most certainly don’t. Vogue to me is a triple read magazine. First pass: Pictures. Second pass: Major beauty/shopping related articles. Third pass: standard, recurrent articles and columns. It’s the magazine that keeps on giving, and also feeding my ‘If I won the Lottery’ shopping list. I’ve got the Spring/Summer edition or the ‘Groot Mode Nummer’. It seems that the twin set is making a come back, well with how old this magazine is its probably come back and gone again, and patterns are in, the bigger, the bolder and as many all at once.

There is a cracking review won Napels too, a destination I’ve never really given much thought to before now. I just love the scrapbook pages of layered photos that overtime you look at you see something else. As more of a high street than high end fan I like Vogue for initiating my inspiration. (Side tip: I’ve discovered Ale:Hop or something like that here in spain, its ALL about the accessories!). Vogue has even got a full on nipple slip from Wende Sniggers! Not sure you’d get that in British Vogue!

When in then Netherlands the fashion is noticeable more european  than in the UK the trends aren’t the same and the street style is very different. That isn’t apparent in Vogue. I suppose the argument there is that style is style at any age or indeed in any country. Denim is back in and designers have their own style regardless to the audience of the publishing country!


I have never seen this one before but I’d say its similar to the English ‘Take a Break’ magazine minus the stories of molested children and husbands that run off with the best man rather than the groom. The language in this one is much more at my level. With the headline ‘Wat maakt je gelukkig?’ I knew at least one story I would be able to follow rather coherently. It is more local and more Dutch, as silly as that sounds. Photo on 02-09-2015 at 09.17 (1)Again Demin is in (I honestly never realised it had gone out!), working from home is the new done thing aswell due to more personalised work spaces and better lunches and I particularly liked the ‘Praat me’ letters section.

Its this sort of magazine I would LOVE to write for, only problem being that my Dutch just isn’t good enough. Its easy to read, the stories are topical and the page designs and layouts are super cute! Its you’re typical woman mag which  even a Dutch Dunce such as myself can understand and enjoy!


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