The Flying Dutch Man: Holidaying Hollanders

I like to pride in myself on the idea that I can spot the Dutch from at least 100 paces. I’ve always had a flare for it after really looking at them. You can spot English people; we stick out like a sore thumb. Whilst on holiday my family and I have taken on a new game of guessing the nationality of the person walking towards us or that we find ourselves driving by. I must acknowledge the fact that my Mom is getting very good at spotting the Nederlanders!

The English are normally pale in skin colour or red from burning, you generally find the men wearing sock AND sandals, or even worse, crocks. The memo about that clearing isn’t circulating the UK as one would have hoped. The men tend to have really faded striped shirts open too as if that’s some sort of fashion statement showing of their leather look tummys. And the women tend to be in ridiculously patterned ‘obviously last years style’ dresses and similarly to the elder Spanish women, they seem to forget to wear a bra. I think us Brits use the excuse of ‘being on holiday’ to not wear a bra out in public. Perhaps that’s just the holiday makers in Moraira (although I think not!)

The Dutch are always that nice golden colour, generally fairer haired than the Spanish and not as dirty brown when tanned as the Germans. Being tall is a major give away and their love for Orange tshirts on men and coloured jeans on women seem to be trending this summer. There’s no need to go so gel heavy on holiday either, a mixture of sea water and sweat seems to be having the same effect as wet look gel (on my hair anyway! Just a tip!).

destaque-cabelos-com-frizzThe airport is the most fun because you can spot them by their luggage. The Dutch tend to have leather holdalls. They carry off  this effortless traveller look rather well. We stood behind a Dutch family at the car rental booth. A, in my opinion, typical Dutch family. There was Papa, wearing smart navy trousers and a navy and white striped shirt with brogues obviously, Mama had blue jeans on with a denim jacket and a thin scarf around her neck, her hair was a little messy to which extent I’m blaming the humidity, I’m rocking a Monica Geller hairdo as we speak!The daughter of the family wore a pair of mint green jeans, a white lace type of roll neck with a deep neckline and a cream cardigan, again her hair was a little ‘un-done’ and the son wore denim jeans, and orange polo shirt and half a pot of hair gel. I knew they were Dutch and hard to with all my might stop myself from joining in conversation, or at least attempting to.

The Dutch, like everyone, turn holidays into a chance to let their hair down and tan up. If you cant beat them, join them! I’m writing this wearing a very old crazy patterned summer dress and no bra. Practice what you preach Maria!



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