Day 28: My most embarrassing moment

This is one for the girls to relate to rather than the boys I’m afraid. Rather than have a list of embracing moments I only really have one to mind. I like to think that I am pretty hard to embarrass if I’m being honest.

My most hilariously embarrassing moment happened in Jersey. An island off France owned by the UK. Its a perfect mix of feeling foreign aka the street names are in french but English is that every is and speaks english and you pay using the English pound.

So I’m there on Easter break about 4 years ago now in they quaint little B&B. I return from a busy day of shopping and sitting on the beach wall over looking the sea and all things quintessential for a Brit abroad when I enter the list with this most beautifulest French man I have EVER clapped eyes on. Like seriously gorgeous. So I’m trying to look cool, tousling my hair, breathing in so that I look thinner and my boobs a little bigger when I go into my handbag for my room key.

This would have been less embarrasing from the Daily Mail
This would have been less embarrasing from the Daily Mail

This is where I start to feel like I am on candid camera or part of some TV advert. Out I pulled the room key with such sophistication as I threw a tampon at Mr France. It hit the floor with a mighty thud and rolled along the vinyl to his sandal. Now either in that split second I turned into the new face of Tampax or there is some tv show laughing at my expense or what. I was mortified but at the same time I burst out laughing, he laughed, I turned the same shade of red as my lipstick and he got out of the lift. Was it his floor? I don’t know. Perhaps he was just too embarrassed to be in such a small box with a woman throwing sanitary towels at strange handsome men.

Tip: Keep you sanitary products in a wallet or zipped pocket away from keys!

Hilarious TV gold!


3 thoughts on “Day 28: My most embarrassing moment

    1. The moment the lift doors shut I laughed so loudly he probably heard that too. All chances of Uniting France and England on the Jersey isle was lost! haha!


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