Day 25: My biggest regret…

I don’t feel old enough to sit here and talk like “oh back when I was child…” yada yada yada, but what I can say is there are moment where I regret not moving away for university. I can’t say that I feel like that all of the time but when I think about my hopes of some day moving to The Netherlands I can’t help but think about what an incredible opportunity it would have been to done it as a student.

Why then and not now? I hear you ask. Student life abroad is anything from 1 to 3 years. There is a protection of student life that comes in the form of having a purpose, accommodation and the support of being a ‘learning foreigner’. I didn’t take this leap as back in 2010 when I was making my education choices I didn’t know what I wanted with my life, I didn’t have the love for the Netherlands that I do now and I didn’t have the confidence I do now. I think that all comes with age and that is most definitely something that has strengthened in me over time. 5 years on I now have responsibilities, a job and savings for my own home. So not only did I missed the first and possibly the best opportunity, I’m not at the stage of my life when I can’t afford to take the risk.

I loved my degree and my university, I genuinely didn’t want to go anywhere else other than The University of Birmingham but I can’t help but wonder what It would have been like to have studied in The Netherlands.



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