Day 24: What attracts me?

I don’t think anyone should be choosy or resigned to a specific type when it comes to love. Its all about how it feel rather than what we may think we want.

Here is where Little Miss Shallow steps in.

I like dark haired men. I am a stickler for politeness and intelligence. I’m not a fan of muscular men, that six pack and big shoulders things may look good on a CK advert but I prefer men to look like men, normal, well fed and gentlemanly. My friends always joke that I only like ‘boring and normal looking men’ but its true in a way. I want someone that doesn’t spend hours in the mirror, that can eat a proper Sunday lunch or a traditional breakfast and knows his way around the odd romantic gesture and I say odd because too much would creep me out slightly. Not much to ask for really is it.

My dad has a check list of what he will and won’t allow which me and my mom tease him about. The list, if left to him, would be never ending!!

I’ve got the rest of my life to find someone and do all that loveydovey stuff and they don’t have to conform to any criteria, if it feels right it normally is right. Hey I’m not perfect, nobody really is why should we put society constructed expectations on each other before we give ourselves chance to say ‘Hello’.

Real Life Example: My mom preferred blonde men. My dad has loads of black curly hair and they’ve been happily married 27 years. In fact back in 1987 when they married he had an afro and a mustash. Now if she had stuck to her guns about blonde men, there would not be a ME! Aren’t you all lucky!


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