Day 23: If I won the lottery…

Now this is a topic I have given rather a lot of thought to over the years. I keep a wish list in my Journal of the things I want but don’t need such as new lipsticks, jewellery etc but those of the things I can’t justify buying day to day. When we talk about the lottery we are playing with the big kids. I’m talking millions. I came to the conclusion one that I could comfortably spend 4 million. They may sounds like a lot but let me elaborate…

Houses: I’d want one in England and one in Gouda. We drove through a little village the last time I was there where each house had a little bridge and their own ‘moat’ if you will. It so quaint and so traditional I instantly fell in love with it. The houses are around the €1m+ mark so I have to be mindful about that.

Disposables: Obviously I’d be throwing out all of my clothes and going on a mad shopping spree. The thought of going shopping and not looking at the price tag makes me happy. Handbags too, I’d be straight to the designer bags, I think I’ll forever have my eye on the classic VB and just for the sake of it I’d be wanting a Louis Vuitton Wheely case for all of my Business Class flights to the Orange Lands.

Cars: I love my little Juke but I would need more than one car, obviously! And a driver for special occasions. I like the idea of going out for the night having Β a few vinos and there being a car waiting for me outside. I know taxis do the same job but they aren’t leather seated limousines over here.

Holidays: Any decision made about spending the money would be done so from a beach in the caribbean with a cocktail in hand. The more cocktails the more lavish decisions.

Right then, that day dreaming is sending me to the Supermarket for a Euromillions ticket! Β£4mm isn’t a lot really! πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Day 23: If I won the lottery…

    1. I’ll let you know when I’m taking on CVs haha! There’ll always be a room for you! Imagine those hot summer nights sitting the back porch looking down onto my moat! Ahh the warmthness! 😜 xxx


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