Day 21: What makes me sad

I rarely have too many sad moments but we all have that sinking feeling about certain things.


I think Birdy’s Skinny Love is one of the saddest songs, the tone of her voice, the symbolic nature of it, it makes me sad.

Take That – Rule The World. I will and do turn the radio off when it comes on. I just cant do it. I don’t like it full stop. It was played at the first funeral I went to after my Grandads. Now I know what your thinking, surely the songs from the funeral would have the effect more so, that’s not the case. Yes the songs from the funeral leave a bitter taste in my mouth but I was pretty numb to everything that day. The funeral I attended afterwards was in the same crematorium and was an hour long flash back. Take That was the song they played at that funeral and just hearing the opening bars puts me in that cold chapel, dumbstruck and closes my throat.


Thinking about my granddad and what life has been like without him makes me sad. I remember at the time someone telling me that I wasn’t crying for him, you don’t cry for the dead because they’ve gone, you cry for the living and everything that is left behind.



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