Day 20: What makes me happy?

A lot of things make me happy!

IMG_4738I like the calmness in thing. I like standing at the edge of the ocean, looking over a
valley, staring up at the stars, I like watching the sunset and see the day begin in that calmness before the mad rush. I like the start and the end of things. I like thinking about just how vast the world is and how many other people are doing the exact same thing. Its like looking up at the moon seeing how beautiful it is and thinking about how many others in that moment are doing the exact same thing. Its a bit sad I know but I like the peace that nature brings.Β I have my ‘happy places’ which, come to think about it all involve nature. I think its the purity of it.

Being organised makes me happy too. Knowing that I have done everything I need to, that I have been able to draw a line under the day, check things off a list. Thats why I am loving the Bullet Journaling system. Its so satisfying knowing I’ve not missed anything off. I like having a clean conscience ad that sense of achievement.

SAM_0369I also like ice cream and ice cold white wine on a sunny day (or in fact any day if the wine is cold enough).
But what will really make me happy is getting on that plane next week and heading off on a family holiday in Moraria, the first one in 6 years!!


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