Day 16: Thoughts On Education

Now I have to remember here that this is a blog post and shouldn’t be just me rambling on for too long but this is such a broad topic I am slightly worried that once I start I won’t stop.

I think education is massively important. My inner social scientists is currently struggling with picking a way to ‘define’ education because I feel that we are always learning and should always be learning. I LOVE learning.

I feel that learning is something that we never stop doing, ok it becomes less structured Β  the older we get but there is always something new to learn or find out. Education can help you pass an exam and build you to a position of entry to further educations but what education should do, and this is where I think we are loosing it somewhat, education should set you up for the rest of your life not just for progression into further education. Yes yes, you can’t teach someone to be an adult but you can prepare them for it. When I was at school I took Cookery classes, called Food Technology, this is because we didn’t really cook or learn how to cook that much. Nobody taught me about budgeting, mortgages, providing for a family, but I can work out the circumference of a circle and ask for your name and age in French. You can see what I’m getting at can’t you? We are sending kids out into the world that are so unprepared its scary. I think this is partly to blame for the British Claimant Culture and ridiculously high number of people claiming money as opposed to earning it. Benefits should be the safety net they are designed to be. But arguable the reason people are claiming is because they can’t mange their money and they can’t manage their money because they are not taught how to do so.

We are born into the world with 2 learn behaviours, a fear of falling and a dislike to sour tasting things (apparently – some other crap I learnt at school), if we are not taught in one way or another we don’t know things. If schools don’t pull their weight and in my view they aren’t at the moment they find themselves creating a generation of unprepared young people.

I don’t know if its the same in other countries but the English Education System desperately needs to reevaluate its ideas on setting kids up for the rest of their lives.


2 thoughts on “Day 16: Thoughts On Education

  1. Completely agree – school seems to be about how well you can pass a test, not about actually teaching you something interesting, let alone practical or valuable! I know Pythagoras’ theory but I have no idea about how to do a tax return or get a mortgage. Granted, most 15 year olds don’t need to know things like this but basic tasks like working out a weekly budget or learning how to do basic cooking would help people take the next steps into the real world.

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    1. The hours of my life I wasted on Pythagoras! The only benefit I’ve found from learning Shakespeare and every Act and Scene from Macbeth is that it come up occasionally in a pub quiz! Haha xx

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