The Flying Dutch Man – Spot the Dutch in a crowded English Airport

Yesterday, in that part of my life that is adulthood, I visited Birmingham Airport for work. After a meeting with the CEO we had the pleasure of a tour of the airport. I must admit that as insightful as it was it was gutwrentching to be in the departure lounge, down the departure gates, back in to arrivals then then baggage collection without actually leaving the country! I had to pass through security and immigration twice too!

So in my unrestricted access to the airport I was amongst the business men and women, holiday makers, back packers and not to mention the long haul distance travellers. A man caught my eye travelling with a another male companion. Tall with golden hair and a blue slim fit suit, brogues of course. He had this confident, straight ahead look in his eye and I’m not sure if its the hight or just the general Dutch demeanour but he was most definitely a Dutchie and upon noticing him and his friend, wearing a grey round neck t-shirt and jeans along with Rayban sunglasses I though them the most odd looking of pairing yet both deliciously Dutch. You can imagine my inner winners dance when the t-shirt man (slightly shorter than the suit but with the same European tanned face and golden hair) started talking in Dutch!

I’d like to think that this proves one thing; that even when enthralled with work and my mind relatively as far away from The Netherlands as I am geographically I can still spot one at 100 paces!



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