Day 11: 10 Favourite (Dutch) Foods

I can totally Dutch-ify this post! Here are my 10 Favourite Dutch Foods (in no particular order).

  1. Pancakes – The Dutch do amazing things with pancakes. A particular favourite of mine is appel and cinnamon! oh my days! I can’t quiet get my head around the pancakes with syrup and bacon. I haven’t brought myself to try them yet.
  2. Frikendellen – Its basically a sausage, i don’t think anyone knows what meat content is actually in them but with ketchup they are lekker!
  3. Drops – I’ve never been ย massive fan of liquorice but the salted dutch ones are just to die for, plus they last so long so if i’m driving or desperate for a snack one of this usually sorts me out.
  4. Ollieballen – I had them at New Year Eve, i like them warmed up in the microwave. They are like an English scone crossed with a donut. Marvellous!
  5. Cheese – Am I cheating by saying cheese? I like cheese and I like Dutch cheese.
  6. Appeltaart – Mmmm! Met slagroom ook!
  7. Stroopwafels – Its syrup inside a waffle. Hello–ultimate high calorie fave!
  8. Kibbeling – We had them at New Year too! I’m a little weary with fish, i don’t like my fish smelling or tasting fishy. Kibbelling is good, especially when a little drunk!
  9. Ontbijtkoek – A legitimate way to have cake for breakfast when its not your birthday!
  10. Speculaas – Biscuits. They remind me a little of the biscuits you get on the side of your coffee in Spain but the dutch do them like the size of your hand! Oh and they are usually shaped like windmollen! They also do speculous in a jar to spread on stuff. Its basically biscuit butter!

So there’s my ten. 70% are sweet things but i guess i have a sweet tooth! Probably the same number are high carbs and high calories, which brings me back to a point I’ve made several times, if the dutch eat these things why aren’t they all the size of a house?! Magical creature! ย Dutch food is awesome!


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