Day 8: Current Goals

Well as I’m on day 11 at the moment and writing up day 8 its clear my August goals have gotten a little lost somewhere along the way.

Here is a little update on how far we’ve come:

30 Day Blog Challenge – I’m currently 3 days behind. Its not through not wanting to write, my goodness I do its the lack of time thats getting me. I’ve really got to find a way to stop this adult life interfering with my other little hobbies!
IMG_622910K Steps – HA! I am currently 50,136 steps BEHIND schedule! With just 20 days to go it means I need to do at least 12,506 steps a day to catch up. I’ve had a good stepping day today, one can only hope to continue a good streak!

Water – I’ve not been too bad at this really. I’ve had 1 day that has been particularly bad and my goodness did I suffer the day after from dehydration. I’m finding 5 glasses a day easy, its the extra 3 that prove particularly difficult!Β IMG_9037

No Spend Summer – Now this is what I’ve managed to keep up. I have made NO unnecessary spends thus far however today whilst out at work I managed to loose a Β£10 note out from my picket. I was NOT impressed!

So there we have it, a nice little update πŸ™‚


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