Day 5: My Proudest Moment

Well I can comfortably name the two proudest moments of my entire life.In chronological order….


The day I passed my driving test. I set myself a new years resolution in 2011 to learn to drive and I did. I had 2 lessons a week for 6 months (so basically a years worth of learning) and I passed. I remember in the learning process being told that its one of the few things in life that nobody can help you to do. Theres only you who can pass the test on that day and its true. In my honest opinion you don’t start learning to drive properly until you’ve passed and you’re in that car on your own. For me it was a big thing and I wouldn’t be without my car.


The day I graduated. Yep its corny but I had a proper ‘Harry Potter’ moment in the grand hall when the orchestra started and the ceremony began. As we exited the Hall every new graduate gets to walk up the isle one last time, the music is crashing and filling the air and there is a roar of cheering and clapping from everyones proud families, i did shed a little tear! Low and behold its one of those other things that nobody can do for you. It was an amazing feeling. You only graduate for the first time once.

The Social Policy Class of 2013. I’m on the second row from the back, forth one in!

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