Day 2: 20 Facts about Me

As this is a primarily Dutch centred blog and attracts many readers with a passion or interest for The Netherlands I am aware that a 30 Day Challenge that’s just about me may be boring to my usual readers. So, on Day 2, I propose a compromise, I will blog every day as per the challenge guidelines but I will (probably without even trying) Dutch-ify my entries way. So what that means is that each challenge will include snippets of me with a Dutch focus. Knowing my obsession and the fact that I am known for rambling on all will become clear.

20 Facts About Me!

1. It’s coming up to my 5th Anniversary of my FIRST EVER trip to Holland. This trip was a first for a few things: the first flight I took on my own, the first time I met my Dutchies family, the first time I fell in love with a country so completely, the first time I tried Finkendellen (yum!) and croqetten (yuck!), the first time I felt wholly secure on my own (let alone in a foreign country), the first time I visited The Hague, The Efteling… you get the picture??

2. I am left handed. Me and my cousin are the only ones in our entire family! But I cnat use left handed scissors

3. I’m scared of spiders.

4. I was born with jet black curly hair.

5. New Years Eve is very important to me. I’m one of those cliché-believers ‘How you spend New Years Eve is how you spend the rest of the year’. I wouldn’t say I’m superstitious in any other way. I have been to many failed NYE Parties, one where the DJ was at the bar getting a drink and COMPLETELY missed everything. I’ve been to really crap parties too. I’ve been to really good ones too. In fact I can count about 5 epic New Years in the 23 that I have been on this Earth for. I welcomed in the Millennium in Weymouth. I celebrated 2013/2014 in Holland (the only one abroad!). I’ve purposefully missed 1. The 2014/2015 NYE we went to a show that was ridiculously sh*t so we walked out and made it home just in time to watch it on the TV in the living room with a bottle of Moet. What started out as the worst way to bring in the New Year ended up as one of the best. I have such high expectations of what NYE should be like it literally NEVER meets my expectations…like ever!

6. I love swing music and jazz! I just love music. I hate silence!

7. I like to cook. I’m better at baking sweet stuff rather than savoury but I love being in the kitchen.11536109_10153347457472593_4221210234302664171_n

8. I always text back. If I can. I don’t sit on messages (because I will forget) and I don’t play games with waiting to reply. If the phone is in my hand and I get a message I always text back. Simple as.

9. When I’m nervous I rub my hands together. Not in a creepy Mr Burns kind of way but in a ‘this is how I rub my hand lotion in’ kind of way. Granted I do always have hand lotion with me but I think the reason I do this as I usually cold hands (cold hand warm heart?!) and being British its a great conversation starter ‘Oh its cold isn’t it…’  Either that or I’m just weird.

10. I like driving. Hated it when I first had lessons at 17! I started learning again when I was 19 and I LOVE it!

11. I’m obsessed with bleach. Not in a weird substance abusing way but I cant stand dirty cups, once a week I bleach ALL of the cups in the office. That way we can start the week with nice clean cups.

12. I hate it when I eat the last malteaser without realising. I like to be mentally prepared.

cd76cfe74524060a8e8868c42624dbdb65962b23888c5450cc25ef48d42949ff13. I used the internet for tutorials and advice. I’m terrible as admitting when I cant do something, I either know how to do it or have haven’t learnt it yet. The joy of the internet is that someone else has already asked the question, there is normally a video or at least photos and nobody knows what you’ve had to look up (if you delete the search history ;)) Want to know how to boil the perfect egg? How to organise your ringbinders? How to cut your own hair? YOUTUBE and GOOGLE have the answer! (btw I haven’t had to look up this stuff…honestly I haven’t!)

14. I always have my nails painted, any and every colour, I feel lost with naked nails.

15. I never promise I will do something unless I know I actually can. This stems back to my mother when I was growing up. If she promised, she always did it. If she said ‘we’ll see’ it was a little more hit and miss.

16. I’m more of a morning person than a night owl. I find it easier to be chirpy early than I do late in the evening. When I need my sleep I’m best avoided.

17. I love wearing trainers. This has become a recent obsession of mine since February this year. I LOVE LOVE LOVE comfy shoes, I brought some Nike trainers this year, thought of them as an investment and my goodness I could never take them off. I also invested in some well fitting loafers too. My life once revolved around shoes that I couldn’t walk in now I’m disappointed if  I cant get away with wearing my comfys!

18. I have 10 fingers and 10 toes…cant you tell I’m running out of facts now!

19. Cosmopolitan – favourite cocktail. Although I discovered Pimms this year and my oh my where have I been living for the past 5 years? Under a rock!

New specs20. I wear glasses. I should porbably wear them more than I do. For anything further away than arms length I just can’t get my eyes to focus. I’m technically getting blinder with each year although this year my eyes have level up, they are both as blind and each other. Yesterday I picked up 2 new pairs of glasses. They are beautiful! Who knows next year it might be a white stick!


2 thoughts on “Day 2: 20 Facts about Me

  1. I love cosmopolitans!! they’re so nineties but I don’t care! This year will be my 14th (!!) anniversary of my first trip to Holland – we were there for my 14th birthday and this year I will be there for my birthday again! Very exctied. When is your next trip?xx


    1. Lets face it the 90s was THE best era EVER! I like to hold on to the 90s with cosmos and scrunchies and of course any and every reference to the Spice Girls 🙂

      14th Anniversary! Gefeliciteered schat! Wow!
      I haven’t got a return trip booked just get but I will be back before the end of the year. We we have the next diary review meeting at work I will be ear marking Dutch dates 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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