Little Miss Organised ME! 30day Challenges for August 2015!

For me being organised is the most important thing. Being organised makes me feel in control, I don’t worry about missing or forgetting things its my ultimate obsessive daily habit. Also if I’ve written it down I feel more obliged to actually do it. I keep a filofax, a bullet journal, an iCal the works not to mention the monthly print out inside my kitchen cupboard too! Those who don’t keep a track of the things they’ve committed themselves to need to go back and think about their lives!

August isn’t a very busy month at work for me (not sure my boss will appreciate me saying that and now I have said that it will probably be the busiest month yet!). I’ve got lots of social events to look forward to this month too; I’ve got a family wedding, the last month with my best friend before she moves to London, and a long awaited family holiday. So the month is heavily weighted with big events, which suggests it will go rather quickly.

The Importance of Being a Little Organised

I organise my life in 3 ways:Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 22.18.06

  1. Filofax. I use a personal size, patent leather. I’ve always used a diary of some kind ( – like ALWAYS) but last Christmas my filo was a present off my grandparents. I deal with all of their medical appointments so it was a bit of an inside joke. Me and My filofax 🙂
  2. iCal. If its in my filo its on my calendar that way if by any rare occasion I’m separated from my Filofax I have it all on my mac and my iPhone. Its colour co-ordinated obvs!
  3. Bullet Journal. I’ve had my eye on this method for a long time. I’ve used it for work since January and for the last month I have transferred my daily life into a similar method. It’s a rapid entry running to do list. You can see the format of the traditional bullet journal here. Mine is a hybrid version to cater to my needs. Plus I’ve discovered Spiraldex. I’ll just leave that word here and talk you through it after my month of using them. If anyone is keen on learning more about this system there are loads of youtube videos about it and I can talk you through mine.

August, a month of challenges

As (I’m hoping…) work will be a little quiet this month I am taking on a few personal challenges and by blogging about this will make me more accountable.

CHALLENGE NO.1 – 10K steps a day for the entire month. 10,000 steps every day in August. I had a trial run for a week in July and averaged about 6K a day. This is NOT going to be easy!

CHALLENGE NO.2 – No spend summer. We’d all like to save a little more and aside from unavoidable expenses such as rent money, phone bills and petrol for my car the plan is to spend less this summer. We all have avoidable expenses and I’ve worked out that I could get away with spending less than £50 in a month. HA! Lets see how that works out. As a disclaimer in the last few weeks of July I did scout around to see the things I would be due to run out of and brought them early – cant be running out of toothpaste now can we!

CHALLENGE NO.3 – More Water. It goes hand in hand with the extra steps. More water and more exercise are both good for the body and good for the soul plus I’ve been having the most horrendous headaches lately and I think dehydration is partly to blame. 8 glasses a day for 30 days, if nothing else my skin will be crystal clear!

CHALLENGE NO.4 – 30day blog challenge. We’ve seen them on here and we’ve seen them on instagram but I’ve never actually done one so I’m trying it out for August. They will be short posts but none the less it will be consecutive posting.

Here's a sneak peak of whats to come!
Here’s a sneak peak of whats to come!

My Bullet Journal is ready, I have all of my tracking systems in place and I am ready to go. I have already highlighted the key dates in which I think will cause some problems but averages are our friends and if I can’t hit my total every day I’m dammed if I’m not going to hit it on average!

So what about you? Are you taking any summer challenges? Do you want to join me on mine? The more the merrier in my opinion. All it takes is a little time out for yourself each day and you’d be amazed at what you can achieve!


12 thoughts on “Little Miss Organised ME! 30day Challenges for August 2015!

  1. I also like to use bullet journals and plan out my day (if not my week) beforehand. I don’t always manage to stick to my planning, but at least I get more done than I would have without bullet journal.

    I thought of doind some sort of language learning challenge throughout August, but I have to work out the details a bit. Tomorrow I’ll take a moment to think over my plans and goals of the month and I’ll decide then 🙂

    Good luck with your challenge!


    1. Thanks!!
      Planning really helps me juggle everything but sometimes you’ve gotta be practical and its hard to make time for EVERYTHING.

      I wanted to dig out my Dutch folder that has collected a lot of dust in the last few months but I can’t take anything else on just yet haha! I think its gonna be a September job 🙂


      1. Don’t worry, it’s been 3 years ago this month since I decided to study Korean and lol I’m still at the beginner’s level.


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