Very Inspiring Blogger Award

How exciting is it to wake up to an email with the news that the lovely Jenny has nominated me for a blogger award?! I was awfully excited by it. I’ve been nominated twice before Sisterhood of the World Blogger and Creative Blogger but it always gets excited and I am so flattered that normal people like you read my ramblings and whats more you like them! With blogging there is a tendency to type and type and type and forget that its out there for everyone. So, more about Jenny – in fact summed things up rather nicely in her post.

Maria Victoria Smith – I actually first found Maria on Instagram when we bonded oer our mutual, and somewhat unusaual affinity for The Netherlands. Her blog is well-written, engaging and it was so nice to find someone who liked the Dutch as much as me!

There’s a hidden Dutch-wannabe community that I feel like I am almost tapping into which means I find people like Jenny! If i have any words of advice that I think more people should live by its this: If you have a fascination or an interest in anything go out and find other people who like it too – they are there if you just look! Now on to the rules…

ONE. Thank the blogger who nominated you. – CHECKblogger

TWO. List the rules and display the award. The rules are in the post – please just copy and paste and get nominating!

THREE. Share seven facts about yourself. 1.

1. I love karaoke – not necessarily partaking it in but the whole idea of it, I just love it. I sing a lot, my life is lived to a soundtrack of music and that’s always been important to me. I’m really lucky in my current job that I get attend a lot of community events and recently they have been in the form of period events and choirs. I’m in my element. I was in a number of Theatrical productions and music concerts when I was at school and haven’t done much on stage since. There is a community starting up soon and I seriously considering it!passion2. I love watching people – I am such a people person its painful at times. I can happily sit somewhere with a cup of tea and watch the world go by. I do have my favourite type of person to watch and I’m going to share that with you.  I like watching people talk about something they are passionate about. There’s a huge difference between someone giving a speech they’ve rehearsed or been told to talk about compared to someone speaking from the heart. I can spot people who are passionate about what they talk about from a mile off. Their eyes glisten, they stand taller, their chest expands and they smile – a proper full face smiles, possibly even a bit of tooth as well.3. I’m a little bit of a tea hoarder. I spoke recently about the importance of tea. It is important to me. I have two tea chests full of varied flavours. I also have quite a lot of teapots too. I just cant help myself. I’ve actually been banned from buying anymore as I have currently taken over the top two shelves in one of the kitchen cupboard. I drink a lot of tea but I simply cannot drink it quick enough before there’s more. Plus I have this terrible fear or fancying a cup and not having it in stock! I just couldn’t cope with that.

4. I am an organisation freak. I love nothing more than scheduling, planning, highlighting, listing, my life. I have something in the pipeline about this coming very soon. Keep your eyes peeled in August for more on this. I’m learning to harness this obsession.

11041811_10203785563862710_5927413345970586327_n5. I’m a little bit of a Female Empowerment Advocate. Not in any massive way, I prefer to bubble along rather than be a campaigner on such topics. I am a massive believer in equal rights for men and women but not in the sense of making EVERYTHING the same for men and women. I’m more the type of person who wants to redefine expectations of individuals. I believe that everyone should have the right to be or do whatever they feel they can. I don’t think we should force equality but simply be less judgmental with our expectations. I think women should know they are beautiful, there is no definition of beauty, its is who we are rather than what we are. I think women shouldn’t be judged or given a hand up – women, like men, should have to work for what they want in life. I believe there should be no special treatment for one gender over another and mostly I don’t think anyone should feel any less for knowing and embracing what they are good at, what they are bad at,  what they like or what they dislike. I know what I want to accomplish in my life and my gender doesn’t even come into it. I also happen to think I would have made a kick-ass suffragette back in the day!


6.  I’m not very creative. Try as I might I cant draw, I cant sew, I cant make anything in that sense. I can cook and I happen to think I have a good eye for a photograph but as for anything else on the creative side with my hands I just cant do.
7. I used to read… a lot. I could finish a book in a week easily, I could speed read whilst on holiday and read literally everybody’s book around the pool. Nowadays, one book takes me months, nothing is inspiring enough and those books which I feel are exciting just aren’t igniting that excitement within. I’m currently reading To Infinity – Jane Hawkin’s Story with Stephen. Its a wonderful story, I loved the film and I’m about half way through now.  Slow and steady. I’m after a few good ready for my summer holiday at the end of August. I welcome ANY suggestions. I like crime, romance, not so much on the history and I’ve read most of the classics, I like chick-flics and true stories. I think I need to redefine my niche!
There we go then, finally I got to 7!
Now on to the fun part –

FOUR. Nominate other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them: 

My three nominations for very inspiring blogs are:

  • A Linguist’s Journey – My learning has slacked somewhat recently and every time I check my reader I see another post about something new. I admire anyone who learns lan learns a language let alone someone who has ideas to tackle 8! I wish I had your drive for learning and your commitment!
  • The Ninth Life – Yesterday I Was, Today I Am, and Tomorrow I Shall Be… I can’t quite remember how I managed to come across this blog but I am so glad that I did. I actually think we are scarily similar too. Her posts are so varied and so inspirational. I think I’ve read everything on her site and could quite happily read it all again. You know when you get that feeling that someone is just a lovely person? I get this feeling from her!
  • Bitterballenbruid – I’ve followed Hayley since I started blogging about all things Dutch. With a name like Bitterballenbruid theres no question as to why I LOVE her blog. I can relate to so much of her blog and always learn something new. Never stop blogging Hayley you alway put a smile on my face when I’m missing those Orange Lands!

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