Gefeliciteerd! Ik ben jarig!

Bloging, blogging, blog, blog, blog…Ok so its not my actual Birthday, in fact its nobodies birthday. Most of you that have followed this blog for a while will know its not my actual Birthday – thats in March incase you are wondering ;). Today marks my 3rd Anniversary on WordPress. Love it or hate it its the in thing at the moment and EVERYONE seems to be doing it. Some people are even making a hell of a lot of money from it. What is it about putting your life online that a. makes us do it and b. makes us want to read it? Its a rhetorical question as I still don’t actually have and answer for that just yet.


What was once designed as a Harvard based connection platform for students, Facebook, is now a worldwide social media site that EVERYONE and the dog has a profile on – Β Literally the dog of God has a Facebook Profile. On this system we are able to connect with hundreds thousands of people all across the country and across the world at the click of a button. And its the same with this blog. There is a blog for EVERYTHING, some more professional that others but all of them different and covering a very different point of view, most of my adult life so far has revoked around asking the internet about the things I should know but don’t. I’ve been working on this blog and contributing to it for a long time now. It has grown in size, topic, diversity and style.Β My blogging has taken me into realms I would never have thought of too. For example I’m a regular contributor to The Dutch Review, I’ve just written my first piece for a new online magazine coming out very very soon (don’t worry I’ll keep you all posted), I have made friends with people all over the world and I am more than happy to announce that my blog has been read in EVERY country in the world!

I’ve been blogging for 3 years, Dutching for 12 months and can’t even imagine whats next. I just wanted to mark the occasion and say a big big thank you to everyone, to all of my new friends, all of my readers those who are new and those who’ve been reading my ramblings for the last 3 years and to everyone who have come across my blog and lingered for a moment or two.

Keep reading, keep following and watch this space for more!

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8 thoughts on “Gefeliciteerd! Ik ben jarig!

  1. Hi, Maria.
    I’m currently learning Dutch but I don’t know which book suitable for me as a beginner.
    Could you recommend me some good book for learning Dutch?
    I know some basic Dutch.
    And maybe some Dutch children book for supplement in learning. Hehe ^-^
    Thanks and congratulation for 3rd anniversary of your blog. Good luck ^-^


    1. Hiya Farzana,
      Great choice to start learning Dutch, you’ve not picked an easy one!
      Childrens books in Dutch are great but still pretty advanced in terms of language. The Jip en Janneke series is good and they are short so you can get through them quick. Also on this post ( Theres a series of Pdf books too.
      As for actual learning I would recommend – the 9th edition is out now too. Thats the best one I’ve found.

      Hope that helps πŸ™‚ xx


  2. Ah, Jip and Janneke. I heard about it a lot.
    Can you give me link to download the pdf? Actually I prefer read the book but it’s quite expensive.
    Thanks for your book recommendation. That suitable for beginner, isn’t it?

    Thaanks a loot! Wish me luck for my study.
    And you too, good luck :))


    1. I love a bit of Jip en Janneke! I brought the first book for about €6 in Hema back in May.
      I can’t find the link to the pdf but if you want to email me I can email it to you??


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