The importance of tea – A storm in a tea cup?

How you take it, for the purpose of this post, is irrelevant (although if you’re one of these that has more milk than water and half a pound of sugar you need to reassess your life choices!)

Standard hangover cure after a particularly heavy night!

Tea sooths the soul; answers the questions when you don’t know what to say and poses as a perfect accompaniment to cake and gossip with friends. Full of natural anti-oxidants it’s the perfect beverage in terms of rehydration too! Be it black tea, fruit tea or some other strange concoction they are producing these days we can’t get enough of the stuff. Tea is an important English accompaniment to life, it’s the fuel of strength and fortitude (it can also be made to sound like a wonder drug too! In fact in my family tea can literally save or cure anything!)

Why is it important to me? I start and end my day with a cup. Come rain or shine I’m not myself until I’ve had at least one cup. On weekends I treat myself to pot full! Nothing beats my mom’s tea. I make it exactly the same way but it never quite tastes the same. Everyone has a different way of making tea and everyone tastes differently, for example my grandmothers is totally different to my moms and I would be able to spot it blindfolded but I love both equally as much.


I take my tea very seriously and have been known to judge people by their tea making abilities and the cleanliness of their house will dictate my acceptance to an offer. There’s nothing worse than a dirty cup or a thick heavy mug. Oh and a little tip, if you don’t know how to make a good cup of tea, be honest about it, any self respecting tea drinker would much rather make it themselves than be handed a crap cuppa!

With English Breakfast Tea – it has to be twinings – half a spoon of sugar and a splash of milk.IMG_1076

As for Earl / Lady Grey tea I don’t like that too strong and it has to be drunk hot. There is nothing worse than luke warm tea and absolutely nothing worse than luke warm Earl Grey!

Dutch Tea – Pickwicks of course. It’s the subtle hint of orange that’s so special. If I need an extra little pick me up I add a little sugar, it lifts the flavor. The Dutch being expert blenders have really hit on to a winner with this one. Not sold in the UK and only in selected AH across the Netherlands, trust me I’ve hunted for it and I try to never let my stocks run too low.

I’m currently working my way through the different variations but I must admit I’m a little slow on the fruity ones. Current high rankers include Rooibos – Twinings Golden Caramel Rooibos is an absolute fave but only taken on special occasions and Chocolate Tea – doesn’t really taste anything like chocolate so in that sense its definitely false advertising.

All my best decision are made with a cup of tea in hand (it helps if I happen to be sat on the floor too but we’ll over look that). If in doubt put the kettle on. Tea is the medicine you don’t need a prescription for. It puts a smile on peoples faces and when made just right I think it could provide the fuel to the decision making that could change the world.


p.s. Whilst putting together this post I realised that I seam to tai quite a few photographs of tea too! If you follow me on instagram you are guaranteed at least a weekly photo of my tea 🙂

What did the teapot say to his lover? Oh Darjeeling!

What do lady teapots wear? A string of Earls!  


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