Its June already…can you believe it?!

Every month, for the last 10 month or so I have written a post in Dutch on the first day of the month. For those regular readers you may have noticed that one didn’t go up yesterday.

My Dutch has well and truly slipped. I haven’t attended any classes this side of March due to the elections here and the tutor being off sick. I had a call yesterday form the Brasshouse – my language school – saying that the remaining classes where to be cancelled. So basically I couldn’t write anything in Dutch this month because 1) I haven’t learnt anything and 2) I’ve forgotten what I have learnt.

It seems a shame to waste my learning so all is most definitely not lost its just that some times being a grownup sucks! I’m getting into a much better working pattern now so there really is no excuse. I have to go it alone now and venture into the world of learning on my own. There isn’t a class anymore and in September Level One starts again. Am I disappointed? Yes. Learning a langue is like going to the gym, the more you go and the more regular you do it the better you get and stronger you get, but if you don’t go or start up and then stop the muscle you’ve got turns to fat and your back to square one. I will pick the Dutch back up. I have no choice, its within me to learn more and be better.

Until then, fear you not, my ramblings about the big news stories of the day shall continue. I’ve gone 6 years knowing very little Dutch I will survive! Plus with 6 weeks to go until my next trip to the Orange Lands theres still time to dust off the diminutives and ‘t Kofschip!


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