Eurovision: Sweden 2016

The Morning After The Night Before…

Congratulations Sweden! Grattis Sverige! Måns Zelmerlöw took the crown, on the shows 60th Birthday, with his song Heroes. The song is great. Måns is a Swedish God which obviously had no impact in the scoring at all 😉 ! The staging for his performance was one of the cleverest of the night. Working to a black digital background he interacted with an army of stick men, had wings of a butterfly and got wet in digital rain. It was a brilliant performance. A worthy winner.

My Top 5 of the night where as follows (in any order).

  • Italy #03
  • Sweden #01
  • Norway #08
  • Hungry #20
  • Russia #02

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 13.41.17Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 13.43.52

What was GREAT

  • Every song was good. I’d happily have the album in the car,
  • The theme of building bridges really worked.
  • Conchita Wurst who won it last year looked amazing! I couldn’t work out what I was looking at as to whether I thought she was hot or attractive. It did confuse me slightly – especially in that black cat suit…wow!
  • There was a good mix of solos, duets and bands, even a few playing actual instruments!
  • There was, of course, tons of dodgy choreography!
  • The Graham Norton one-liners “Even in 2015 it’s like there’s a tin can and string connecting us to some of these countries.”

What was MISSING

  • It wasn’t very european. It wasn’t very cheesy. There was only 4/27 countries that actually sang in their mother tongue (discounting the UK and Australia).
  • There was no roller blading violinists wearing wings. Or any form of fancy dress really. I look forward to that every year. It was a little too serious this year.
  • Nobody crashed the stage.
  • The Netherlands – Obviously
  • Ireland. I missed the dulcet tones of the Irish. It was a shame they never made it through.

As my last Eurovision 2015 post I’m going to share a few opinions I had on the nights performances in the order they performed.

  1. Slovenia – Maraaya – Here For You. Duet who wore questionably large headphones. They never took the headphones off. They weren’t really a duet either the guy played the piano and winked awkwardly into the camera. The song is rather catchy tho, sounds a little like Duffy. I think it could do well as a stand along track in the UK.
  2. France – Lisa Angell – N’oubliez pas. I liked it. My friends who watched it with me didn’t. Her set graphics where very clever, showing the devastation of war slowly blossoming into a thriving city. It was nice.
  3. Israel – Nadav Guedj – Golden Boy. I loved this one. Its a slow stater but as a 90’s girl it reminded me so much of NSYNC and JT. The lead singer is 16! I find that slightly unbelievable as he has sideburns and a beard! I don’t know many 16 year olds with a beard. Anyway, check his shoes out on the live show. I defy it not to put a smile on your face. Good song!
  4. Estonia – Elina Born & Stig Rästa – Goodbye to Yesterday. Stig Rasta – what a name! He looked like the lead singer of Fun. The song isn’t bad. He plays a guitar, he has a gorgeous woman staring longingly at him. I don’t think the live show did it much justice. The official video and recording is really good. Live they just didn’t do it for me 😦
  5. United Kingdom – Electro Velvet – Still In Love With You. Easily the worst song of the night. I like the song. I like the recording and the video, live it was shite! Such a shame, we do it EVERY year! We’ll never get it right unless we put and actual well known artist up there! Whats wrong with Adele or 1D? Guarented win? Probably not. The thing about this performance on the night was that their costumes light up. What was needed was more stage presence. IF they had reenacted the video on stage it would have made much more of an impact. Oh and the scatting…what was that all about?!
  6. Armenia- Geneology – Face The Shadow. A very beautiful group. With a name like Geneology one would question if they are related maybe? It sounded like a Disney song to me. It would fit into a movie rather nicely. It wasn’t anything too special in my opinion.
  7. Lithuania – This Time. One of the more controversial acts. Another gorgeous duo! The tag line: I’m feeling love. Its nice and catchy. I liked the added touch of the gay kisses too. It was a nice touch. Building Bridges and Excepting Everyone. Its a smile inducing song. Ok so its a little soppy but its Eurovison! Extra points for soppiness and snogging!e55aa_529281
  8. Serbia – Beauty Never Lies. The apparent dark horse of the show. The singer was a little scary. I did quite like the glittery bun she had. Female empowerment. The message is nice – beauty never lies, I am who I am etc. Its all rather cliche. The masked backing dancers where a little weird. Then 2 minutes in, clothes get ripped off, the base drops and its a right little rave on stage. It puts it up from a 5 to at least a 7 in my book!
  9. Norway – A Monster Like Me. I liked this one. Its a good song, easy to listen to. The woman has the most amazing red hair! They looked seamless, they sang seamlessly. I really liked them. It was simple yet eerie. The woman sounded a little like Florence.
  10. Sweden – Hero’s. Winner. From the start you knew it was good.
  11. Cyprus – One Thing I Should Have Done. Now don’t get me wrong its not a bad song. It was just flat for me. I didn’t like it. It was a little too serious. It reminded me of one of those songs on an album thats good but would never make it as a stand alone single.
  12. Australia. I’m still not sure how they ended up taking part. The rule was, if they won, they would pick the european city which would host it in 2016. It was a good song. It could have won it. Think Bruno Mars / Olly Murs / Daniel Merriweather. If it comes over to the UK the radio would love it. Its the sound thats in over here.
  13. Belgium – Rhythm Inside. With The Netherlands being out I had high hopes for him. Its a very ‘current’ sound. I liked it although I can’t see it appealing to many. It reminded me a little of Lorde.
  14. Austria – I’m Yours. I’d never heard of these but I got the distinct impression that they where a well known Austrian Band. They played their instruments, even set the piano on Fire. After last years offerings this was really lovely. I could happily listen to an albums worth of their stuff.
  15. Greece – One Last Breath. It was in the style of Celine Dion. It didn’t excite me.
  16. Montenegro. The first group of the night that sang in their own/non English language. Its essentially European in my opinion. I liked it. It was never going to with.
  17. Germany. I wasn’t a fan. I wasn’t surprised they didn’t get ANY points.
  18. Poland – In The Name of Love. They didn’t do very well in the point system either. They did better than the UK! The singer was the lady in a wheelchair. Part of her stage production was her in her younger days before her accident. It was a nice way to incorporate her history into the entry. I wasn’t sure about the big silk scarf she kept wafting around. That wasn’t necessary.
  19. Lativa. This was a little too weird for me. It was a little tribal meets dance music. It didn’t work for me.
  20. Romania – All Over Again. Singing in Romanian it was a glimpse of what Eurovision should be about. Culture. Out of all of the countries in competing only 3 sang in their mother tongue.
  21. Spain – Amanecer. Sang in Spanish by a GORGEOUS spanaird. Quite Shakira-esque. There was a few runs in the notes. When they ripped off her cape and revealed her gold dress and warrior style boots its got considerably
  22. Hungary – Wars For Nothing. This was quite  a political song. They looked almost irish and sang with such compassion and easy it was mesmerising. The scenery was very subtle with a growing tree. The message they gave out was lovely. It is an easy to listen and enjoy folk song. Almost like a protest song. I thought it would do a lot better than it did.
  23. Georgia – Warrior. The most outrageous costume. There where lots of Crow feathers involved oh and don’t forget the thigh high boots! I don’t really have much opinion on that one. Maybe in the summer, on the radio its not a bad song.
  24. Azerbaijan – Hour of The Wolf. I alway have high hopes for Azerbaijan. They are normally on the edge of the weird and the wonderful. The song was great but a little too safe for them. It wasn’t very Eurovision-y.Eurovision Song Contest 2015 - Semi Final 1
  25. Russia – A Million Voices. I think they scoured Russia to find the most beautiful Russain women. She looked incredible. It was a magnanimous song. A bringing together ballad that did exactly what it said on the tin. There where drums, there was the big one liner “A Million Voices”. The lead singer even cried when she had finished performing. It was special. They came a worthy 2nd place. For a time it looked like they had won it.
  26. Albania – I’m Alive. She looked like Caroline Flack it wasn’t a bad one at all. It just wasn’t in the same league of some of the others.
  27. Italy – Grande Amore. The italians are known for Pizza, Gelato and Opera. Their entry was incredible. They sang in Italian (win), they wore well fitted suits (win), they sang with ease and power (win). Definitely one of my favourites. When the results started coming in they where doing very well. I wouldn’t have minded if they won.IL-VOLO-ITALY

All of the songs are on Youtube. has all of the extras, the show highlights and the score card breakdown.


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