Eurovision: Trijntje fails to make the final

How upset must she bed. Trijntje Oostehuis has failed to make it through to Saturday’s final of The Eurovision Song Contest.

The Telegraaf have released a statement from her saying she was ‘very disappointed’. I’m sad for her too. I have talked about the Dutch entry before. I really liked the song too.  The Netherlands have upped their game over the last 2 years and I thought they could at least make the final this year. Unfortunately that wasn’t too be.

Trijntje made it in the news this week for other more shallow and, in my opinion, irrelevant reasons. Her dress. In a statement her self she commented on the fact that it should be about her voice and the song rather than her dress. The gorgeous Trijntje had wore a black dress which was rather low cut at the front to one of the rehearsal shows. Below is a picture of ‘the dress’.


Now in the celebrity soak culture we live in we are surrounded by gorgeous celebrities who wear little to NO clothes to functions, did you see the met gala photos? I don’t think this dress is in any way too much. She looks stunning! She has worn 3 different outfits to perform in. With a body like that and a voice like her’s you would think she had it in the bag. Last nights first semifinal saw her loose out on getting a place. It did however see her in a very different outfit. The Telegraaf quote her saying “Ik wilde gaan voor iets waar ik me ‘comfortable’ in voel. Ik kan geen hakken dragen, dan moet je dat ook echt niet doen. Misschien was het een inschattingsfout, maar ik vind gewoon dat het gaat over hoe je zingt.” – I can’t disagree, comfortability is key, I hear you sister about not wearing heels! Hell your Dutch, put your jeans on and polish the toes of your brogues!

However, I’ll say it because we’re all thinking it. If she had not have been affected by the negative dress coverage of her outfit choice why did she compete in this outfit?

473881444I’m not sure if the ‘Aladdin’ look was deemed better than the tight, low cut, figure hugging dress. If you ask me – it was that that lost her the votes! Sex sells. We know this. The celebrity culture has taught us this.

There has been comments made that the song wasn’t catchy enough, its wasn’t Dutch enough, it wasn’t put together professionally enough…everyone is the critic from their own home!

Trijnte has an amazing voice, and an amazing figure, and I’m pretty gutted that she didn’t get chance to get into the final.


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