I’ve got a confession…

I haven’t done any Dutch for…wait for it…7 weeks tomorrow. How bad is that?!

Even I’m appalled. Apart from my flirtation with the language in Breda the other week I haven’t even looked at it. Two reasons:

1. I haven’t had the actual time. When I’ve not been in work I’ve been unconscious trying to catch up on sleep.

2. I’ve lost my motivation! This is what upsets me most. I’m putting reason No.2 down to reason No.1.

One fuels the other and as I’m lacking both right now theres no massive surprise I’m finding it difficult. My ‘other life’ is demanding a little more focus than my Dutch one at the moment.


Suggestions in getting my mojo back? Any thing? Any offers? My current plan involved the translation of Jip en Janneke Book1. For a children’s book its pretty intense and although I am vehemently against writing in books I am prepared to see this book as a learning tool. Lets face it I haven’t had time to read the 4 other new books that have been sat on my book shelf for the last 4 months! Maybe when work gets a little quieter…like that is going to happen for a while! So yeah if you have any suggestions or input into getting my Dutch-mojo back let me know! Until then I’ll be sat with my Dutch buddies Jip en Janneke, a dictionary, a pencil and a highlighter.


2 thoughts on “I’ve got a confession…

  1. I’ve been doing Roald Dahl books, which is funny because sometimes you read really old dutch. Neil Gaiman is also quite hard, but very good and is a beginner/intermediate level. Watch dutch shows like voute vrienden and lots of Netflix with dutch subtitles!


    1. Fab! I never thought about Roald Dahl! What a great idea!
      I’ll check out Gaiman too. I put Dutch subtitles on everything now. I’ve got to Season 3 of Sex in The City with Dutch subtitles. There are a few Dutch words I’ve learnt that the classroom wouldn’t teach me 😉


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