A *busy* week in my ‘normal life’

So this week has been ridiculously busy for me as you may or may not have known. I know this isn’t my usual type of post but I feel that now my hectic life has reached its peak I would fill you all in on things. With my return to the Orange Low Lands less that two weeks again one must up her game!

In my non-Dutch dominated life I work for a major UK Political Party and this week has been the 2015 General Election. For me this has meant working literally 24hr days! After returning from Holland on Monday evening I was back in the swing of things before 8am Tuesday morning.

Polling Day came round and Thursday started with a 0430 alarm and on station for 0500. Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 17.06.50

I am a big ‘Women’s Rights’ advocate. Its just something I feel strongly about. I have been on the receiving end of gender discrimination especially working in the field that I do. At the same time I genuinely believe that voting is important and if you have the right to vote I can’t understand why you wouldn’t you use it?! After many hour spent watching Mary Poppins as a child I have been introduced to the Suffragettes. I think in a past life I would have taken that route. I couldn’t help but quote a Poppins tune!

The day went on and I didn’t return to my bed until some 27 hours later. The area I work in won the seat along with helping to secure a majority government. All in all it was an amazing day. A very tiring but amazing day! I think I was on my ‘second wind’ as they say. I had gone through the wall of tiredness and well and truly out the other side. It was an emotional night when the votes where counted. I watched the results all around the country to see how my colleagues where getting on and there where many gains as well as a few losses. I got home as the sun rose and had some breakfast before hitting the hay in a semi-comatosed state. I think I could have slept forever. Instead I had 4 hours before heading back to to continue the count for the local council.

As expected EVERYONE on Facebook and Twitter became political activists and my timeline was littered with a mixture of opinions from both the left and the right side of the political spectrum. Personally I didn’t realise just how many people where as politically opinionated as that until I realised that the majority of them didn’t know what they where talking about!! Everyone has an opinion, i myself am very rarely lost for an opinion so naturally I had my say.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 17.30.52

The point I was hoping to make was that this years turn out was one of the highest ever. Some 66% of the British people took to the Polls and voted. How incredible was that! Every vote counted and I guess if the result had gone against us I would have been disappointed but what got me most about all of this was the undermining of the result. Over half of the population voted and if we can’t stop and listen to their choice then what is the point in having an election at all. On polling day I urged people to go out and vote, when the result was in some people weren’t happy. Did they even vote?! With elections you will never please anyone. I realised this as I posted my #ObligatoryElectionAnalysis.

After “Election Indigestion” I was grateful for a day of normality and off I went to see Dirty Dancing – I really did have the ‘time of my life’, ‘I’ve never felt this way before, I swear’. Sorry I couldn’t resist. It was amazing. I even got a cheeky wink off Jonny Castle ๐Ÿ˜‰ well thats what I’m telling myself anyway. Those hips could wiggle my way any day!!

Yesterday also marked our 70th VE Day Anniversary. After observing the silence in Holland back on Mondayย I have seen each day the world mark their anniversary celebrations. Yesterday was our turn. There was a concert, a 2 minute silence and lots of other lovely patriotic events throughout. The show was amazing. Whilst watching the show a news story broke that got my blood boiling – “Vandals daub graffiti on war memorial“. On the 70th Anniversary of VE Day in the UK anti-austerity protest groups (lefties) thought it was a good idea to deface the ‘Women of World War II” Memorial statue on Whitehall. Now I don’t care what political party to follow or how upset or dissatisfied you are with election results but what sickness goes through you head to deface a war memorial is beyond me. These cenotaphs and memorials are there for two reasons, as a reminder of our heritage and the sacrifices made by many for our lives now and as a headstone for those millions of people who don’t have a proper grave ย because their bodies never made it back onto home soil.ย Not only is it disgusting but disrespectful to those who served and gave their lives for us. The people responsible were protesting against an election in which 66% of the population had their say. Why are people continuing to undermine the opinions of more than half of the UK! If the only way you can show your upset is by defacing a war memorial I’m glad their political leanings didn’t win. Respect costs nothing.

There was an incredibly well written argument on The Independent, written by Lewis Barber – “With the left this belligerent and self-righteous, is it any wonder that so many of us are โ€˜shyโ€™ tories?” His argument are very well put across. One point he made which is worth noting:

If itโ€™s not worth the effort to argue on social media, and on campuses supporting the Tories is seen as taboo, no wonder being a Tory is a secret kept close to peopleโ€™s chest. At the end of the day, petitions written in capitals and idealistic statuses liked by 30 left wing friends do not win you majorities. Clear, coherent and sustainable policies do and that is why more people voted for the Conservatives than any other party yesterday.

As a friend’s mum said, โ€œIโ€™m very happy the country is apparently more intelligent than social media makes it seem.โ€

I’ll be back on the Dutch this week – my Jip en Janneke book will remain in my handbag at all times! Ik kan niet wachten en kijk ik naar uit!!ย 


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