Dear Diary – Day 3

Goedenavond Schatjes,

So we are on Day 3 of 4 and we are really starting to get the hang of being ‘locals’. Day 1 and Day 2 have been received really well by you so here is Day Number 3!  I have been mistaken for a local twice today, ordered my lunch in broken Dutch and paid for my shopping in Dutch too. Not bad going for a Sunday afternoon.

Orange JuiceFor breakfast we visited our local Jumbo. We couldn’t park on the AH and due to not fully understanding the parking signs, we didn’t take the risk when the big yellow building round the corner was calling our name. Breakfast was Brioche and freshly squeezed orange juice. How do I know it was freshly squeezed? Because I did it! Yep, there is a machine in Jumbo and a rack of clear bottles you can squeeze your own juice. How amazing is that!

We have house hunted a total of 15 streets up and down the south of Holland. Some where gorgeous and some where god-awful. We toured Dordrecht at lunch time, partook in a little retail therapy, tried on novelty sunglasses and ogled over half price stationary.

House Hunting

It was shortly after this that I got mistaken for a local, his exact phrase was “are you well known around here?” What I think he may have meant was ‘Do you know your way around here?’ as he went on to talk something about a pasta restaurant or something. I made my apologies and we both went on with out day.IMG_7633

We took lunch in Dordrecht at – Dordts Genoegen. We ordered in our broken Dutch but the waitress understood me and we happily passed a few hours away chatting and making use of their Gratis Wifi! Krokettens where consumed and several diet cokes where sank too. The food was amazing although I’m not too sure I was all that taken on the egg they put on my club sandwich! Oh well – When in Holland one must go Dutch! We scouted around for more houses in the Centre of town but they weren’t the nicest.


Dordrecht seemed to be in two very separate groups, lovely and quaint or shifty and unnerving. We swiftly made our exit back to Breda to search for more near Prinsenbeek. We have decided its our favorite area that was after Layla nearly ran over the Dominos Pizza Delivery Guy! Cyclists in the Netherlands don’t wear helmets to cycle, we wondered why this guy did – maybe his cycling is more questionable than Layla’s driving.

Dordrecht grafiti

The driving thing now has become very second nature to Layla – she worried about it before we got here but now she’s very much driving like a local! We saw a guy enact her worse nightmare and start to drive up the slip road off the motorway. It could have been catastrophic but when we drove past the same junction some moments later there was no sign of him or police therefore I think he escaped with a quick little 3-point-turn back to safety.


Tonight we decided to go bowling. It turns out that there is nothing to do in walking distance form our hotel apart from bowling and all restaurants close at 9pm! How does that work? SO off we went to the DisoBowlen in Prinsenbeek. We got into our professional stride rather quickly. I think it had something to do with the two plastic cups of Chenin Blanc we drank whilst walking. A round of drinks later and the odd strike here and there we where professionals! I had even developed my victory dance which you can see a photo of on my tagged instagram pictures. Layla’s technique involved a very deep lunge. Mine was more of a curtsey. We had a devastating incident with a bottle of Prosecco. At DiscoBowling a bottle of Prosecco was only €20! We asked for a bottle and there was none cold. He chilled a bottle whilst we sank another two classes of witte wijn. After struggling and breakin the cork he resigned to the fact that the prosecco was out of the question. At our table was so complimentary glasses of wine. We didn’t moan!


We don’t know the score. Layla recons she won the first game but I haven’t a clue. Maybe she did. Maybe she didn’t. She probably did though, I was shit! After our game had finished we went to the bar and discussed with the bowling man and his friend the houses we had looked at today and the good areas around Breda. It was around that time that I found out I had had another article published on the Dutch Review – you can read that here! Whilst asually surfing the net and updating instagram Nielson came on the jukebox – OBVIOUSLY I sang along and whilst Layal was in the bathroom the Bowling man looked at me a little strangely.

Man: “You are singing in Dutch”

Me: “Yeah, its Nielson I’ve got his album”

Man: “ There are worse people to listen to. Do you know what you’re singing?”

Me: “Yeah. He sings clearly with simple Dutch”.

Boom! Our shitty Englishness went out the way and I like to think we came out of there a little bit cooler than we went in. We definitely came out a little drunker than we went in. That drunk that getting a Mars Bar out of the vending machine was an exciting thing!

Oh and we have come to the idea that our hotel is one for “Swingers”. Here’s out thought path – Room No. 1 on our floor, No.48 and No.55 have their doors on the catch. That’s weird! Why would you leave your door open? After hearing a fellow resident asked Reception of tin foil we have remained a little on edge.

Ik denk dat vanavond was heel erg leuke. De bowlen was leuke. De wijn was leuk en de mensen zijn leuk! Het was heel success! – Yes we have drank too much. Life is too short! Its back to reality tomorrow night. This is our last responsibility-free day!


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