Dear Diary – Day 2

Now if you haven’t read Dear Diary – Day 1. I would suggest you read that first, its sets the premise for most the todays unfortunate and comical event.

Day Two took off with a bang! IMG_7576We took part in a morning recreational Pilates class curtsey of Dutch Exercise TV! The guy on before the woman in my photo was doing a strange chicken dance with two bottles of water clutched to his chest. I am sure at one point he said ‘flesje wijn’ when he quite clearly meant water! Cheeky! I would have taken a photo of him if I hadn’t been so excited to join in!

I had an awful incident with a cup of tea this morning too! When the coffee creamer and sugar is identical looking packaging mistakes will me made! If you are ever in Breda, you need to visit Inspire Coffee Company. Oh my goodness, the outside doesn’t do it justice. We had breakfast there. The inside it like a bookshop crossed with a mismatched brick-a-brack shop. I’m a fan of the humble Gingerbread latte…move over Costa Coffee, you’ve got a lot to learn!

IMG_7579 IMG_7578

We found crowns in Breda too. I think every day should start with wearing a crown. Layla’s didn’t fit as well as mine…obviously! Although we did find her a tiara.

King and Queen!! I think it should be law for everyone fabulous to wear a crown, even if its just a plastic one!

Our little trip to Hema came with the excitement of Jip and Janneke books too! I have officially purchased my first one!! Woohoo! Did you know they do Jip and Janekke toiletries, wipes, cutlery, bowls, plates etc. You can Jip-And-Janekke your entire life from one store!!

Jip en Janneke! I brought Book 1. Its hard going!!
Jip en Janneke! I brought Book 1. Its hard going!!

House hunting went into full swing when we stalked an empty house just outside of Breda. After walking up the very small very quiet close a few times we had a little help from a man fixing his drive who gave us all of the information of the house in question. The neighbours of the house where interesting folk. The Drive Maker and his Wife shared all of the details of their neighbours with us. On the otherside was a lovely old chap who, when we walked around the back of the houses to the little stretch of water, we saw him hovering his lawn. Yep. He wasn’t using a garden hover but a house hover. I did try to take a photograph of him but I really struggled without making it look so obvious!!

With only the remaining Sauvignon Blanc in the mini bar our popped back to the hotel for an afternoon of plastic cups and wine. There are worse ways to spend a saturday afternoon in Breda!

This was how the bill came! Cute little pot or what!

This evening we ventured to on the Sprinter Train back into Breda for dinner with Friends. After trying to use my hotel room key instead of my train chip card we finally made it to the gorgeous little italian restaurant – Griasole.

About 5 glasses of Prosecco later and a meal to die for we ended the night of giggles with a night cap back at the hotel. Gino even turned down my bed for me after moaning I’d booked a shit hotel.

Now I’m sat up in bed writing this, Layla has gone to sleep and the Boys have gone home. It has been another busy but lovely day, I need to rest my face from so much laughing!

My ‘turn down service’ curtesy of Gino Jordens 😉 Loving the 2 peppermints and a sachet of Coffee Creamer!

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