Dear Diary – Day1

Goedenavond Holland!

Het is nu mei! Ik kan niet begriep het! Ik heb niet veel nederlands geleerd sinds maart.

In other news I am now in The Netherlands. I have arrived in one piece. It was an eventful journey. Alas I didn’t get searched in the airport but my baggage did. Queue funny looks from security when he opened up my toiletries bag to find half a box of tampons! (face palm moment) When the floor didn’t swallow me up I carried on being searched. Who knew you had to declare contact lenses and toothpaste!!

After repacking my bag in Pret a Manger and nearly leaving my socks behind we boarded. The flight was delayed by 30 minutes but it was a pleasant enough journey. Oh and I saw the TALLEST MAN IN THE WORLD. Like literally his hips where in line with my shoulders! He was unbelievable!

I’ve got my priorities in order!

Schipol have changed their toilet roll supplier – I wasn’t impressed! Pit stop in Albert Heim for water, sweets, wine and plastic cups.

New kids ride coming soon!

Found the car, that was interesting! Hybrid automatic – fun times! After two wrong turns coming from Schipol we took the scenic route south. After 2 hours we made it to Rotterdam and a whistle stop tour for Birthday cake and drinks for one of my Dutch friends. Discovery – Beethovenlaan is in literally EVERY village. Its amazing how close to the curb an English girl can get!!

We unintentionally surprised the Dutch family. I’ve never had so many kisses. 3 went out the window, it was more like 3 million!! Zo mooi en zo lekker! It felt so good to be home!


After a fake call to the hotel about our “delayed” flights we got to the hotel at 00:05! Oh and when finding the hotel we missed the carpark turning and had to take a 24minutes round trip back to the front of the hotel thanks to one way systems and quite possibly and illegal u-turn! Jack the concerge was a gem but we politely declined the early morning wake up call he offered. Now in bed, with a plastic cup of wine and reliving the escapades of the day. Roll on tomorrow!



8 thoughts on “Dear Diary – Day1

  1. Hi, Maria.
    I’m so glad find your blog because I’m currently studying Dutch. Not much people studying Dutch and it’s so hard for me to find somone who blog about their Dutch learning journey :). I found your blog useful for me. Thank you: )

    Keep up your good work: )


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nee!
      Thanks for finding my blog! I found it so hard to find other people learning Dutch. Let me know if i can help with your learning in any way!!

      Maria x


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