The Things I Wish I Had Known Before…

I’ve been frequenting The Orange Lands for a good many years now and when I first went over I had very little idea of what to expect. In this post I am going to share with you the things that I wish I’d known from day 1!

Casual is ALWAYS ok. 

one-does-not-simply-turn-up-in-casual-wearGenerally my wardrobe varies from a combination of jeans and a blazer, the occasional statement scarf or work-ware and the need for ‘office dress’ which is some variation of a suit and shirt etc. The summer will see me in the odd flowery dress too. So there is a lot of variation in my wardrobe, I can dress for any occasion. If I’m going out for dinner or to the pub I try and ‘make an effort’ and glam up a little, its just what we do here in England. In Holland however casual is always ok. You can wear jeans to everything. This is something I wish someone had explained to me at the start, it would have made packing so much easier and lighter to carry for a start off!! I have been caught out maybe 3 times to my knowledge. I love my jeans and comfy shoes, this is not a problem for me if someone would have said. Another thing worth noting too is that brown shoes will go with EVERYTHING in Holland. They are a fan of the humble leather brogue as am I. This love for worn out denim and soft leather handmade shoes is the backbone of what makes me and The Netherlands so compatible.

Literally EVERYONE speaks English. 

55754444They’ll tell you ‘my English isn’t very good’ but it is. They lie – it is better than you can imagine. What they think ‘isn’t very good’ is like Higher Level language to us. Even the people who make believe they don’t speak English know what you are saying to some extent. The reason for this, in my opinion, is that TV shows and films are in English, the business world negotiates in English too and school teach English to Dutch children at a very young age. So their excuse of ‘me speak no english’ just do nest wash with me. They have to know some English. Unlike the Dutch, us Brits can’t get away with saying whatever we want because they will hear it! One of my Dutch friends told me how much they enjoyed listening to the English peoples conversations on holiday and how they could openly talk about people on the adjoining table because very few people that aren’t Dutch speak Dutch. Cheeky right?!

They are TOO honest.

Do you think you look a bit fat in the that top? They’ll tell you. Are you questioning your actions? They’ll ask you to your face. The Dutch are honest. I admire them for that but take heed of my warning. There is no sugar coating done on their behalf. I think travellers venturing there for the first time need to be told this. They will be honest with you and upfront about it. Have you over done the perfume? Yep they’ll point that out too. It’s great. 1826b266aa01e3631f8432eb71ac5c91eea633fb03829e59b89f316a1add9be8

If in doubt…fry it.

I thought us British fried random things like mars bars and bananas but it appears that the Dutch have take it one step further from the humble Fish and Chip Supper and made fried foods one of their main delicacies. Fried meat. I’m quite free with my taste buds I’ll try anything. My goodness do you need that approach over there. I think food and bonding over food seems to be an important part of their culture at least that’s how it has always felt to me. The Dutch eat a lot and considering they are all tall and beautiful it goes against nature for all the fried food they eat.

Kroketten  – Not my thing. I’ve tired them out and didn’t like them. I tried some that where homemade and they where in a different league! Super lekker!image

Frikandellen – These are good. I am more of a ketchup girl than a mayonnaise fan but still they are good.

Chips / Vlaamse Frites – Who does like chips? And they come in a paper cone, not Styrofoam like here. Their chips are leagues better than ours. Apparently the trick is frying them twice. Oh the calories! Please note that if you agree to or ask for sauce ‘fritesause’ as lekker as it is they will pump a gallon of it over your food. I am a minimal sauce kind of gal!

One of my English friend had never had mayonnaise with chips before…Amsterdam changed her!

Whilst we are on the subject of food too lets talk about Garlic Bread. Their version of garlic bread is not my version of garlic bread. Again carbs, bread, fried stuff its all they eat, but their version of Garlic Bread consists of a slice or chunk of baguette with an inch think slice of butter mixed with garlic on top. Not being a huge fan of overpowering sauces I always prefer to do my own being of the opinion that if I want more I can add to it. Because the Dutch are all so nice and loving someone always spreads it for you and gives it to you as an offering. Yay! The only good side to this is that everyone eats the garlic so the three kisses don’t get awkward and too smelly!


One of the major things that put me off living in Holland would be the amount of weight I would gain! I cant look at too much fried stuff without bloating up to the size of a house. I just couldn’t do it! Maybe it’s the cycling that counter acts it?! Yep. Definitely the bicycles!

p.s. I think this post has just shown that I love a good meme!


2 thoughts on “The Things I Wish I Had Known Before…

  1. Haha, I entirely agree with your post! Concerning casual clothes, Dutch people would even dress in jeans for a wedding! That was a bit of a shock to me the first time I went to a wedding!
    And regarding fried food, I guess their trick not to get fat is to do a lot of sport!

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