Never talk about Religion or Politics…so who do I ask?

I don’t know.

A rule of etiquette –in business, at the dinner table, in the hairdressers etc—is “never talk about religion or politics.” These subjects are highly contentious and usually result in heated arguments and awkward silences. In England I work in British politics. I have done since I finished university. Its the only thing I have been trained as an adult to do so as you can imagine it tends to be the topic of conversation at most of my business meetings, dinners and general conversations upon telling someone what I do for a living. First dates pivot on the topic and from my experience if you date someone who does the same job theres no escaping it and if you date someone detached from it they never understand quite how demanding the job actually is. You do loose most Saturday mornings, there is always at least one late night meeting each week and a black tie dinner at least once a month. thingsnottotalkaboutonyourfirstdate-nevertalkaboutpoliticsandreligion

So my plea is to you. How does the Dutch Political System work? Nobody has ever explained it to me and I wouldn’t know who to ask, my Dutch friends aren’t really that actively involved to answer the questions I have. I’ve seen this booklet Politics in the Netherlands 2013 and had a flick through but its very complex and not all that an inspiring to read. Do you know any good blogs that explain it (in English obviously), or any idiot friendly websites? All I understand of Dutch politics is that it is complex, the Monarchy are actively involved, at least a little more than ours, they are more involved in the European Parliament than we are and there are lots of ‘Kamers’!

Can you help?


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