Where do I get my Dutch News From?

I have been writing a lot more opinion pieces lately. In the dull time between Level 2 finishing and Level 3 starting I haven’t had all that much to talk about. I’ve had quite a few people contact me via my blog recently and I must say its been lovely to read all of your comments. One of the major things I get asked is ‘Where I get my ‘Dutch Info’ from?’ Living in England and not being fully integrated into the Dutch way of thinking, or indeed having access to Dutch New channels it can be difficult to get the topical news of the day. There are a few online tv channels but they aren’t great. Therefore I thought today I would share with you just where my inspiration and information comes from. I’m not talking about the blogs I follow, more the news sites and twitter feeds I keep a check on.

Foods you must try in AmsterdamFirstly I have some great Dutch friends who keep my abreast of funny little England related stories or infographics that they come across. I have used a few in my posts, if you spot one I can more or less guarantee it came from them or I made it myself as I can never find one that says what I want it to say. There is always something new happening, and they know I am always interested and keeping an eye open it is lovely to receive a heads up from them of anything happening in and around The Netherlands.

DutchNews.com – I think this website is brilliant for Dutch news in English. I treat this a bit like ‘The Metro’ even though there is a Dutch version of that (I’ll move on to that in just a moment). DutchNews is a handy little site that has all of their stories categories depending on what takes your fancy. With super easy tabs the site is easy to navigate.

Dutch ReviewAs you may know by now I have written a few articles for The Dutch Review I take from this as much information as I can too. I came across this website in the early days of my blogging life and found loads of good stories, after looking at the website properly I found that their writers are just like me! It has become my go to site for opinion pieces and sources for inspiration to write about. Here is the link to my page on their site where you can find my articles and I definitely suggest you follow them on twitter and facebook too! They update their social media when a story is published, if the headline takes your fancy you can click the link – social media in all its glory, instant info without the faffing.

IMG_7464Facebook Pages I follow:

Twitter accounts to follow:

So there we have it; my information and inspiration sources. Where do you get your information from? What are your favourite Dutch-English sites??


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