10:10 Ten Dutch Movies I Want To See

Movies, I love them. For me its about escaping into a little world for a few hours and forgetting about real life. I love a good movie. I cant tell you how annoyed I am when I go to see a film and its rubbish. It totally deflates me! futurama-fry-meme-generator-not-sure-if-don-t-understand-or-just-shit-film-f636dcToday I am going to talk about ten Dutch films (in no particular order) that I want to see. Whenever I am in Holland we always make time for a trip to the Bioscoop. We always watch and English film with Dutch subtitles. Which makes sense seens as I only started learning Dutch 8 months ago!!

  1. Hartenstraat – When I brought Mannenharten I wanted this one too but they didn’t have it. This looks like a super funny movie, a feel good, easy watching kind of comedy set in Amsterdam. I read and online review where it called the film ‘a sparkling, romantic feelgood film’. It is your stereotypical rom-com – everyone is looking for love, there are young people, old people, a womanizer, a single parent. The story is about Daan who is not looking for love until Katje comes into his café. I’ve mentioned seeing this movie before I am sure of it but I STILL haven’t seen it! Its set in Holland, the music is good, the cast are all beautiful…win win win I think! I believe there is a link on youtube to allow you to watch the entire movie but I’m not going to share that because I am sure its illegal 😉

  1. Bride Flight – This movie has only recently been recommended to me. It’s a wartime movie. I am into that kind of retro vintage thing at the moment I think. The movie looks so intense on the trailer. It is about three young brides Ada on their way to a new life from London to New Zealand in 1953.. Its half in Dutch and half in English so that is a bit of a winning combination for me. Again I think the whole movie is on youtube to watch too.
  1. Soof – Similar to Hartenstraat it ticks the boxes for me as an easy watching rom-com. Lets face it who doesn’t love a rom-com?! Soof is approaching 40 and has everything she ever wanted, her life isn’t going anywhere until a chance encounter with a beautiful English man! Girls Night winner (if I had Dutch ‘girlfriends’ unfortunately my home friends don’t really care much for films in foreign languages.)29631ce64af820ce571121238c19918a
  1. Smoorverliefd – Literally meaning ‘LoveSick’ yes it’s another ‘delightful romantic feel good film’ and ye sit follows the life of four Dutch women’ only this time it is set in the Hague. ‘They are beautiful, courageous and wise, but sometimes they know it just no longer in a world full of tender love, serial dating, lust, affairs, children’s needs and indestructible old loves’ – oh just watching the trailer makes me dream of some perfect little Dutch life! My current life feels like a comedy most days as it is, I’m just lacking the romantic side.
  1. Feuten: Het Feestje – It looks to me a little like The Riot Club an English film that came out last year. It may be an uncomfortable watch but its young and edgy (did I just say that?! I’m turning into my mother at a rate of knots these days!) The movie is basically about a university house party that turns nasty. I’m not sure why its on my list but alas it is.
  1. Als je verliefde wordt – Another rom-com boy meets girl enz…
  1. Alle Tijd – Paul De Leeuw is in it. Do I need to say much more? Only kidding, this is a big pull factor for me but the movie looks so good. But yes it is about everyone love life, big bold romantic gestures and with a tag line of “Omdat je nou eenmaal niet alle tijd hebt.” You just know somebody is going to die in it.137
  1. De Gelukkig Huisvrouw – The happy housewife. Before we go any further it is different, its not a rom-com! The film is about a mother who, from my understanding of the trailer, goes through some post natal depression and ends up in an asylum. The film is about love, life, motherhood and making of friends in unexpected places.
  1. Verliefd Op Ibiza – Pairing my love for the Dutch with my eternal love for Ibiza. The title got me excited before I’d even seen the trailer. Another feelgood movie for everyone, follows the story of 4 couples who fall in love with each other and Ibiza. Easy watching.
  1. Micheil De Ruyter – Period Drama about a Dutch Sea Captain. I talked about this movie a little on my blog before. I saw some of it being filmed in Amsterdam. You can read all about that here.

What have we learnt from todays post… Maria loves RomComs. Either that or it’s the only type of movie the Dutch make (I doubt that) or I just clearly go for the same type of movie over and over again I’m not sure. I do think however that I now have a genuine excuse for spending even more hours and hours on youtube! I’m planning a trip to MediaMart when I’m over in May in hope to add to my collection!

Bonus list! A few of the movies I have seen with Dutch Subtitles:

  • Saving Mr Banks
  • Inception
  • Horrible Bosses
  • Friends with Benefits
  • Mama Mia
  • My Best Friends Wedding
  • Intouchables *that was a killer watching a French film with Dutch subtitles some 4 years since studying French and pre-Dutch. I got the gist of it though. I was very proud! Most recommended. Beautiful beautiful film!

Any films you would recommend? I am always open to suggestions.


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