Vasten – My failed attempt at the 40day Lenten season!

So back on the 18th February I wrote about Vasten. I talked a bit about Lent and what I was going to ‘take up and not give up’

My plan was

…taking up “me” time. It’s one of my New Years resolutions, to have  a little time each day to be me and I am on the verge of neglecting it. So I have decided that I am going to have 1hr a day to myself. Aside from learning Dutch I don’t do anything else for myself so I’ve got a few books I am dying to get through and this will give me ample opportunity to do so. 1hr a day should see me get through at least 2 books. Here’s hoping!

Did I do it? NOPE! If my intention was to not touch a book at all for 40 days I’ve most definitely succeeded! Disgusted in myself I picked up Herman Koch’s The Dinner on Easter Monday. I will finish it, its a really good book I am just rubbish at setting time aside to read. I have noticed myself getting a little tongue tied as of late where I just can’t get the word out that I want and I put this down to not reading. As a student I always had a book on the go, however, I do feel like I have cracked the ‘work-life’ balance at the moment and I probably did achieve having an hour to my self most days. So all was not lost 🙂
How did you get on over Lent? Did you manage to hack it out for 40 days? Have you continued past Lent or where you glad for it to be over?

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