10:10 – Ten Dutch Places I Want to Visit

I like to think that I am pretty well traveled in and around The Netherlands however there are still places on my hit list, there will always been somewhere new to visit and something new to see. With my two trips for May not far away now I am hoping to tick some of these off my list.

  1. Delta Works – It is world renown and I’ve still yet to visit it. I know a lot about how the Delta Project works and the importance of it etc. but I would still like to see it for myself.
  1. Anne Frank’s House, Amsterdam – We planned to go last summer but as I’ve said before due to bad planning and an enormous queue we never managed to get any further than the same street as it.
  1. Keukenhof Gardens – I don’t know how I’ve not managed to visit here. I feel like its completely slipped the net. As a self confessed girly girl who loves flowers I am sure this is my kind of heaven waiting their patiently for me to dance around singing a homage to the Sound Of Music.
  1. Rembrandt Museum, Amsterdam
  1. Kröller-Müller Museum
  1. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

I’m not a museum bowfin at all but there are some museums you just have to visit. I didn’t visit the main ones in London until March this year! These 3 in Holland are a must and if not for the actual cultural side just to be able to say I’ve been. But then again it could end up like my visit to Paris and seeing the Louvre. I’ve seen it; I don’t need to go inside to see it.

  1. Rotterdam’s Markthal, Rotterdam – This has now opened and I haven’t made it into the city on my last few visits. This is a must for my visit in May.
  1. Waddeneilanden– I’ve heard a lot about The Frisian Islands and I would love to visit them. I know it will be very different to the Holland I am used to however I think it would be quiet an experience. The furthest north I’ve been is Amsterdam (I think! My geography is shocking at times).
  1. The Vrijthof, Maastricht – On my cultural expedition of the world I feel like museums, churches and parks are a must see in any town or country. The Vrijthof looks stunning from the outside; I can only imagine how magnificent it is on the inside!
  1. Panorama Mesdag – Again something worth being able to say ‘I’ve seen that!’ the panorama painting sounds fascinating to me. 14 meters high and about 40 meters in diameter my brain cant even begin to contemplate the magnitude of it all!

Where would you suggest I visit? What’s your favourite place in The Netherlands? Can you suggest somewhere I haven’t been?


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