10:10 – Favourite Dutch People

As April is well and truly upon us i’m feeling all springy and rather excitable. Leaves will soon be back on the trees, little flowers will be popping up here and there and everything starts to thrive.This month, twice a week, I am going to give you my top 10 on various things! Now these lists are obviously going to be Dutch related, possibly favourites or objects or songs or whatever. They are going to come to you on a Sunday and on a Wednesday. What?! Of course there are rules, we like a little organisation over here! This way I get to fuel not only my planner addictions but my Dutch ones too!

Aside from my Dutch obsession I am equally as obsessive in all aspects of my life. I am never without a couple of pens, a pack of post it notes and my filofax. They are a comfort blanket I suppose you could say an extension of my being. I’m not ashamed by it I don’t hide it. Up on the beloved Instagram I foliow lots of other planner obsessed people and I am always on the look out for a new layout to try or a new method. I discovered Bullet Journaling in Janauary and use it at work – it is a total game changer! The main planner hashtag for April is #ListersGottaList. Erm hello?! How can I not get involved.

So lets get on with: List Number One!

Favourite Dutch People

Manneke Paul, Paul de Leeuw (9)1. Paul De Leeuw – What is not to love about our Paul?!

2. Barry Atsma – Possibly because the only Dutch movies I’ve seen have had him in it. I just recognise his face. I like him.

3. Nick & Simon (I’m counting this as one ‘unit’ as I’ve never sen the one without the other!) – They are great fun! I loved their TV show The Caribbean Dream!

4. Roxeanne Hazes – Aside from her being ridiculously beautiful she’s got a good set of lungs on her! Her instagram is rather desirable too!

5. Nielson – He’s my main man, I can’t not give him a cheeky little mention! What else can I say?! Radio Regenbogen Award 2013

6. Caro Emerland – The first Dutch woman I fell in love with. Ok not like that but I have loved her music since my first ever visit. She is the epitome of gorgeousness and her voice is like liquid velvet. She is divine!

A few more serious contributors to the glorious Oranje Lands

7. Anne Frank – Girl Power extraordinaire! I didn’t get to visit her house in Amsterdam, due to a lack of planning and the queue  being 3 blocks long I missed it. Her story has always fascinated me since studying it at school. After visiting Dachau in December last year I have a new found love for her, her story, her ambitions and her attitude. She showed the world her own unique perspective that’s never been done before or since! #TeamAnneimages

8. George Maduro – Half the battle here is the fact that I LOVE Madurodam! An officer in the 1940 Battle of the Netherlands he fought for the freedom of the Dutch against the Germans in WWII, inprissoned three times before dying in Dachau 3 months before freedom. Maduro’s parents donated the money necessary to build Madurodam, to serve as a memorial in George’s honour.

IMG_48869.  Franciscus Sylvius – The man invented gin for goodness sake! He deserves a mention doesn’t he?! Hence the term ‘Dutch Courage’ originally produced as a medicine and sold in chemists to treat stomach complaints, gout and gallstones. Who’ve known we’d shake it up with tonic water, chuck in a wedge of lemon and some ice and be transported into happiness! Well Done Franciscus, you have been the creator of many a happy evenings for me! How do you take yours, with lime, lemon or cuecumber?

10. Jan Taminiau – Clothing designer based in Amsterdam. He is the mastermind behind Queen Maximas’s gorgeous coronation dress and a number of her high end gowns.
Ok so this list wasn’t all that serious but The Dutch have made massive contributions to the world as we know it. These are just 10 people I happen to like.


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