A few Dutch songs to get you pumped up on a boring Tuesday afternoon

Does anyone else find Tuesday’s boring? Its not the start of the week, its not hump day and we are miles away from the weekend. Its a bit of a non-day in my opinion. So to brighten up your none day here is a little insight into my current Dutch iTunes favourites and other songs that I am loving at the moment. I try to overlook the English ones because lets face it, I already speak English rather well (at least I’m supposed to!)

From the iTunes Chart

Firstly we have the rather cute Mr Henk Dissel with Jij en Ik.  This song is rather catchy and I quite like it. A lot of the lyrics are words that I have learned which makes it automatically a good song in my mind, I can understand what is being said! The video is slightly cheesy but its Dutch, the quite like cheesy videos.

Sheppard – Geronimo. Now there are two videos for this song for some reason unknown to me (Video 1 and  Video 2) . I can’t quite work out Video 1, its like a make shift Les Miserables, that mixed with that group who’s video was a house made out of cardboard boxes. The song reminds me of something The Hooziers or Scouting for Girls would do. Yes it is in English but, it hasn’t made it over the water just yet. Its super catchy. They are an Austrailian indie pop band currently supporting Meghan Trainor on her world tour!

Now this next one was rumoured to be a contender for the Eurovision song. It’s not a bad tune. I can see why they rumoured it for Eurovision its very similar to last years song. Michael Prins and Carice van Houten are quite a beautiful looking pair and the video is literally just their faces! I think however that NL did right by not picking – ‘Fear Not’ as their entry ‘Walk Along’ is much better, you can read about my view on it here.

Celine Cairo – “Iedereen is van de Wereld” is way down at the bottom of the chart. I love this song. Like really love it. It is a cover of a rock song by The Scene from what I can gather on Dutch Wikipedia. This version is catchy, and I understand a good 85-90% of the song. Celine covered it for an NPO advert. It sounds similar to something else but I cant put my finger on it. I’ve had it on a few times and I do feel like if it were to come on the radio in the car it would make a great driving song with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. I like this and I’m gutted its so far down the charts! There is a video for the advert which is super leuke! You can hear Celine’s version here or the original by The Scene here.

 Other songs you just have to hear today!

Away from the charts now there are a few I’ve come across on youtube. Wesley Klein – Er Is Niemand Zoals Jij. Its kind of the epitome of a Dutch song in my mind. It came out last October so its by no means new to the charts. It is very ballad-like in the beginning then the beat drops, everyone starts dancing and it turns very Armen Van Buren! Check it out! Ladies may I point out that Mr Klein is easy on the eye too!

This last one was out in November of last year. Ik wil jou by Roy Donders. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dance to it. It screams Eurovision to me. Its amazing. I think it’s the ocordian. I am a sucker for an accordion! It just is Eurovision. A cringe worthy video of a middle aged man in leather dancing with a troop of stunning blondes. I defy you not to practice the dance, for any Steps fans you will find the similarities with 5,6,7,8! I don’t really know what to say to do it justice. The song roughly translates to ‘ik wil jou voel hoe ik uren lang met je vrij’ – I want to spend my free hours with you. Mr Donders also has a cheeky little line that, in English, is “you will have the night of your life with me…come speak the language of love” I think Roy is getting a little presumptuous here!

Watch the video! You will love the cheeky little devil by the end of it!


How are you surviving non-day? What Dutch tunes get you through?

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