Tuesday Chatter!

Hello, hello, hello!

The sun is out here. They air is clear, the sky is super blue and the birds are singing. Its a very ‘Spring’ morning. Saturday was similar. It was the first time I managed to sit outside in the garden without freezing my bits off!

Garden Pano

So todays post is going to be about…erm…I’m not too sure. I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging every day like I used to so I’m planning on jumping back into it. If you start typing the post will come…

I have 2 sessions left of my Dutch Entry Step Level 2. The last class is 18th March. There is an Entry Step Level 3. I’m not sure what to do about that. I love learning Dutch, I have some great friends in the class and I do feel like I’ve actually learnt something (by ‘something’ I basically mean everything I know in Dutch, not the cultural side as I’ve discovered most of that myself). I enjoy learning too. I think in my heart of hearts I’ll always be looking at learning something. Am I going to continue with my classes? Well I don’t have any other plans for a Wednesday night, its relatively cheap so thats always a bonus. Sometimes I get this crisis of confidence and I start to question: What I’m doing? Why am I doing it? I’m no good at this. Who am I trying to kid etc. And then I have moments of clarity. What am I actually afraid of?  Being good at it? You can’t get good at anything without giving it a good go. Sometimes, in fact more often than not, I forget that. Life really is too short. We all need some encouragement from time to time, hence why I blog. I’ve spoken on many occasions about how tough it is learning a language on your own.

I’m hoping to have a ‘Field Trip’ soon. I haven’t been to The Netherlands or had a trip away since early December, which for anyone who knows me well knows that its most unlike me! I think part of that issue is being a ‘grown up’. Ik ben jarig in twee weken! I am on the verge of that realisation that real life sucks, I almost miss being asked ‘ what do you want to be when you grow up?’ Well actually I don’t miss it because I still don’t have an answer.

Learning Dutch is my ‘me time’ and its a unique skill that not many people have. I think I’ve just managed to talk myself into signing up for level 3 haven’t I?! Its only 10 weeks after all plus I have this terrible fear that if i stop going to class I just won’t have anyone to speak Dutch to, therefore the last 6 months would be a waste and I don’t do waste!


Check that out for a blog post, I got all deep and meaningful at one point! I’m going to give the WordPress app another go to make blogging on the go a little easier. Will I be able to blog every day? I’m going to give it a damned good go! With my trusty little blogging book in my handbag at all times I should soon have enough inspiration to share with everyone.


Have you ever had a ‘crisis of confidence’? How do you get over it? What is your unique skill?

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