Vasten. Aswoensdag

I’m not exactly a religious person by any means but I’ve been brought up as a Christian and therefore I tend to wake up a little around this time of the year and observe Lent. Therefore I felt the need to write about it and do a little research into what the Dutch do for Vasten aka Lent. 

Upon doing some research into Lent and The Netherlands I turned to my trusted site; and found this tiny article from 2007

Some 5% of the Dutch plan to give up something for Lent, the Christian tradition of contemplation in the 40 days preceding Easter which begins today. Of those 31% will forsake sweet things, 20% give up alcohol and 19% become temporary vegetarians.

The last few years, rather than give something up, I have taken something up. 40 days is long enough to try something new. For example last year I “gave up” sleeping in and made myself get up pre8am every morning regardless to being at work or not. I stuck at that and got into a nice little routine.

Which  brings me on to thinking about this year. Firstly I refuse to give up chocolate or alcohol as my birthday falls in the middle of it and I’m damned if I’m not going to have chocolates and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. Secondly I don’t really have any bad habits to try and quit either.

I found this picture and a brilliant article on

Some of my friends are giving up certain food groups like chocolate or meat or in some cases some nutters are choosing to give up caffeine! . As you can probably tell I’m at a bit of a loss of what to do here.

I’m thinking of taking up “me” time. It’s one of my New Years resolutions, to have  a little time each day to be me and I am on the verge of neglecting it. So I have decided that I am going to have 1hr a day to myself. Aside from learning Dutch I don’t do anything else for myself so I’ve got a few books I am dying to get through and this will give me ample opportunity to do so. 1hr a day should see me get through at least 2 books. Here’s hoping! I wanted to try and read 2 books a month but that went out of the window in January as I’m still only half way through Koch’s “The Dinner”.

Books on my hit list for the next 40 days:IMG_6895

The Dinner

The Discovery Of Heaven

Alan Turing: The Enigma

Are you observing Lent?  Are choosing to give up/take up something new this year? Are you refreshing your commitments to those New Years Resolutions you promised to stick to? Could you give up Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Tell me what you’re doing. I’ll be coming back to you all on Thursday, April 2nd with what I have managed to accomplish!! Keep a check on me on Instagram and Twitter too!

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