News Just in…Dutch Valentine Cards sent with a kiss!

After kicking back this afternoon with a good cuppa and an hour scrawling through the internet (youtube videos of cats on skateboards: 3, Internet Window Shopping: Check, Medical symptoms looked up and accepted the diagnosis that I am indeed not a human being: Check) I came across a story that put a right big old smile on my face. A story onΒ made my heart of stone quiver.

I’m not really a romantic type and choose the stiff upper lip of British tradition to brush off any form of unnecessary soppiness but the Dutch have done it once again!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 17.36.03

Yep the Dutch have ‘kissed 500 cards with lipstick to run the tests,’ to ensure that their postal system will accept it as a valid stamp. Imaging having that as your job! (Where do I send my CV?!) If you post your valentines card before 5pm on February 13 it will arrive in time for the big day! Now come on thats cute! Even for the most heartless person to admit that is cute! According to the article some 500,000+ cards are shared on February 14th!

Disclaimer on behalf of PostNL – This is ONLY for cards sent within The Netherlands! No doubt some numpty will try it elsewhere!

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3 thoughts on “News Just in…Dutch Valentine Cards sent with a kiss!

    1. Send one to yourself! If only I had someone who wanted to send me a card haha!

      I do kind of feel sorry for the boys tho who probably still have to pay for a stamp!


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