Midweek Dutch update

I decided to use my afternoon off work to catch up on my Dutch homework. I had a fair bit I wanted to cover for last week but my non-Dutch life took over!

Today I covered verb conjugations in verb table and then in sentences. I covered pronouns and choosing the correct pronoun in sentences pairing them with the right verbs. Β I started to cover past participles and perfect past things but I had had enough after the first 2 hrs! I’ve got to get my work checked though, I handwrite all of my Dutch so the idea of typing it all up is a little laborious but I’ll get round to it soon enough. I haven’t called upon the assistance of my Dutch counterparts for a while so its time to tap into their expertise!

I’m back in class again tomorrow. I don’t know about you lot but I feel like the weeks are rolling round somethings silly! Are we serially nearly half y through February already? What the hell happened to January?!

Tot volgende keer schatjes!


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