Term 2 Lesson 4!

Goedenavond Dames en Heren,

This post is coming later than I usually like to post them. I prefer to do my class reviews the morning after but I’ve recently started a new job and I’ve been ridiculously busy this week and was working this morning. Better late than never, as we say in England!

IMG_6825Last nights class went rather well. Unlike Term 2 Lesson 3 I didn’t come away with a complete brain melt. I should probably be happy with that as it shows that I am getting on top of it but the lesson just didn’t feel like it was pushing me enough. We started off with covering different responses to “Hoe gaat het met jou?” my class is a little bit lazy and has a tendency to just reply ‘goed‘. I’ll share with you a few alternatives: ‘Het gaat goes/wel/oke’,’Het kan better’,’Het gaat niet zo goed’. 

Then we went on to forming questions. I’ve spoken about this on more than one occasions see Questions. The rule is pretty simple with forming questions:

verb – noun/personal pronoun – time – the rest of the sentence

Here are some examples:

  1. Ik kom van mijn werk – Kom ik van mijn werk?
  2. Het is mooi weer – Is het mooi weer?
  3. Ik moet nieuwe kleren kopen – Moet ik nieuwe kleren kopen?
  4. Wij plannen dit elke vrijdagavond te doen – Plannen wij dit elke vrijdagavond te doen?
  5. Ik hoop dat ik het kan vinden – Hoop ik dat ik het kan vinden?

Next up on the recap list was Ontkenningen known in English as denials or negation. Another rule I’ve covered before in terms of this:

niet is for adjectives and verbs

geen is for nouns

Its pretty straight forward if you know the difference between adjectives, verbs and nouns! Of course we went through the numerous exceptions where either one can be used. Here are some examples:

  • Hij heeft een fiets – Hij heeft geen fietsIMG_6603
  • Ik ben verdrietig – Ik ben niet verdrietig
  • Ik begrijp dit – Ik begrijp dit niet
  • Hij draagt een groene trui – Hij draagt niet een groene trui / Hij draagt geen groene trui

Next up we watched an old clip on youtube. The only way I can explain it in English as the Dutch equivalent to Men Behaving Badly or My Family. Its hilarious! On youtube its called ‘Sekte gekte feel 2/4’ but its from a show called Vrienden voor het leven. We had ten questions for the first 3 minutes of the clip. It was great fun! All together the clip is quite fast and intense but when we broke it down it was quite clear what was happening without needing to understand 100% of the words.

To finish up the class we had another list of useful sentences to learn and I’ve got a little bit of translating to do for homework. I can really feel my Dutch progressing now and its quiet a nice feeling. I’ve got to manage my time a little more now in order to maintain my homework.

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