Zes maanden…


Hallo allemaal, dank u voor zes ongelooflijke maanden.

Ik beloofde op januari dat elke maand zou ik schrijf een post in het Nederlands. Vandaag ik heb dit blog voor zes maanden geschreven. Wow!

Mijn Nederlands is nog niet zo goed maar kan ik praat met mijn vrienden op mijn les.

Op school ik heb twaalf les gehad, een presentatie bij mezelf en veel te leren. Nu, kan ik luister en begrijp de basis vocabulaire. Ik denk dat kan ik begrijp meer dan kan ik praat.

Ik vind Nederlands leuke en kan ik niet wachten naar De Nederlands te reizen. Op school heb ik acht les voor level twee. Natuurlijk ik heb nodig meer praktisch. Ik heb moeite met mijn geheugen maar ben ik beter dan last augustus!

Ik hoop dat jullie kunnen begrijp mijn Nederlands. Ik beoefen een beetje elke dag.


This post is not perfect and my Dutch isn’t brilliant however my aim is for you to understand what I am trying to say amongst my mistakes. Every month I aim for my Dutch posts to get better, be more natural and more accurate.

Tot volgende maand, doei

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2 thoughts on “Zes maanden…

  1. Maria, it impresses me that I can read that! I can definitely read lot more than speaking it! My boyfriend is Dutch and so my aim is to literally become fluent so I can actually speak to my potential new family.
    I live in Australia (for now, Holland is definitely calling my name) and no one close to the Sunshine Coast (where I live) offers Dutch lessons so I’m self teaching myself. Jip en Janneke almost every night translating then speaking it back to my boyfriend in Dutch. However, I’m wondering if you have any tips for learning/remembering new vocab. as when I read I write down all the new words and the translations but no I have SO many so I can’t write them all on study cards. What do you do?

    Your blog is really great! Keep it up! πŸ™‚


    1. Elise,
      I am glad you can read it and understand it! My understanding from text is much better too! Have a look at the youtube vid in my review of last weeks class. If you break that down into 30 second clips I was amazed at how much of it i actually understood too!
      Holland is definitely calling my name too! Alas I’ve no plans to get there full time though!
      How are you finding Jip en Janneke? I’ve only ever looked at one book that was in the library at my language college. I’ve not been able to get my hands on anymore 😦

      I’ve got a folder full of vocabulary that is tough to learn. I find it easier to learn new vocab with sentences or songs. For example when I learnt body parts I learnt the songs “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” in Dutch. I know its a little childish but it rely helped me.
      Or another thing I do is make up little stories and try and involve as much of the new vocab as I can. I’m not the best at learning new vocabulary I could and should do a lot more! I take the approach that it will just come in time with the more i use it.

      Thank you for following my blog Elise, i can’t explain how good it feels to know that someone else is learning Dutch too and finds my rambling on at all useful.

      Grote succes met jouw Nederlands Elise! xx


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