Term 2 Lesson 3!

Lesson 3 hurt my brain a little I’m not going to lie. I always take that feeling as a successful lesson, if my brain is on the brink of feeling liquified then I have tackled something new.

What we covered:

  • Diminutives and how to pluralise them
  • Verb conjugation of strong irregular verbs e.g. gaan, zijn, hebben
  • Conjugating verbs into actual text
  • Highlighting formed verbs and putting them back into infinitives

Heavy stuff right?! This weeks reading helped and I had chance to flick over it again just before B8d_QQ9IEAEgB7l.jpg-largeclass. Last night I discovered the Language Library…now I know to some that is not something they would class as exciting in the slightest but I have a soft spot for them. I haven’t been in one since I left university, i love the feeling of them. Weird isn’t it! You have to pay for membership to this library but you can visiting and work in their for free. There are two copies of everything one for lending and one for reference and they also do audio CD’s and films too. No surprise their wasn’t any Dutch films but there was ample shelf space for books. I even found a Jip en Janneke Book too!

I had one major brainfart with getting to grips with pluralising ‘fles’ according to the previous work I have done on plurals and verb changes I have learnt the rule that: If a verb has an ‘s’ or a ‘f’ at the end it will be changed into a ‘z’ or a ‘v’. After writing down; huis, huizen, huisje, huisjes. I applied the same principle; fles, flezen, flesje, flesjes. Now before you Dutch experts jump on your high horse with me I am fully away of the formulation of words such as: mot, motten and pot, potten I am well aware of doubling up in some cases. But after 10 minuets I still didn’t get why the plural of fles wasn’t flezen. In the end I worked on this principle (feel free to correct me on this bit!)

If a ‘s’ or a ‘f’ is preceded by two vowels they change to a ‘z’ or a ‘v’. If it is not preceded like this then the ‘s’ or the ‘f’ is doubled up.

e.g. huis, huisen and stof, stoffen

Now you tell me, is that the rule? I’ve slept on it and I think the fog is beginning to lift but I’m still not 100% on it.

I’m not sure what the homework is for this week but my plan so far is to go back over the verb chapters and practice the exercises, there is one after every chapter. If I can manage a few hours on this over the weekend I should be able to get my head around it all.

Here is a fun video we watched about how Facebook wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the Dutch. Its quite interesting and equally as hilarious.


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